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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So What Happend After The Letter?

A whole lot of NOTHING! Well not really nothing, just nothing constructive. In fact, the matter has gotten much worse. I did not receive a response from Jeff Stone, Dr. Frykman got me a meeting with Rob Miller, Frank Corvino & Dr. Allan Drusys then later told me "these are good boys" and would have nothing more to do with me or the situation. The Governator sent me a letter basically saying he didn't want to be bothered with me but to remember him next election. Senator Hollingsworth told me it was a "legal issue" and because I had grounds to sue the county he couldn't help me. The meeting with the Animal Control officials produced a letter written by Frank Corvino sating that they had nothing to due with the taking of my pigs (Wally & Suzie-Q) and that they had no open case with us because our horses were in good shape. This meeting was later denied by Allan Drusys in out post seizure hearing- YES! he said we never had a meeting at all. Oh yeah, and our District Attorney.... the only thing we have heard form him was the charges he was bringing against us for taking our horses from a boarding facility. I did get my goats but thanks to Capt. Bel Monte telling the man that has my pigs that if I really wanted them back I would have to get a court order. All of the Officers I tried to file a complaint against took part in the seizure of our horses.

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  1. He denied having the meeting I was present for??

    It may be a bit late at this point, but should I write a statement that I was present for this meeting?

    Robin Benefiel
    (contact me at rlbenefiel@yahoo.com if need be)