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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

21 Horses Seized In Menifee

Here is the news story about the horses taken from the boarding facility. I think I should add that the horses were NOT in bad shape when they went to the facility they just had the remainder of a winter coat. The horse pictured is Winston, he was bred by the owner and was the only horse that "really needed to be taken" according to Dr. Druseys of Riverside County Animal Services in the post seizure hearing.

I would also like to add that in the hearing the owner of the boarding facility Michelle Duvall (who had also been convicted of Cruelty to Children- see a pattern here?) could only produce $600.00 in hay recipts and salt blocks when she was given over $1800.00 plus hay by the owner of the horses. Michelle is a witness for Animal Control and is NOT being charged with what she did to these horses. In a private meeting with our attorney a rep. from Animal Control told our attorney "none of this would have happened if Sarah had not written those letters" so welcome to the world of vendettas I wrote a letter to the D.A, Senator, Governor, Dr. Frykman of The Riverside County Department of Public Health & Safety (boss of Animal Control) as well as several of the Riverside County Supt. and apparently someone didnt like what they saw. Keep reading as I am posting everything I have...it just might take me a while.

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