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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Aftermath: The Lies Continue

You know Riverside County wasn't happy when a report showed that they had the poorest quality of drinking water. In fact, they are now out to prove the report was completely flawed. So what makes them different from me as far as a truth seeking mission goes? Nothing. As you can see by their newly redone(is that where the donation money goes?)web page animal control wasted no time revealing the pending case against Angel White. I can say that I am disgusted by this article by The Press Enterprise the facts are no accurate at all. First of all, the property was NOT in Woodcrest it was in Mead Valley which I am sure the residents of Woodcrest would be happy to point out to Mr. Barrie! Next, the temperature was 140?! Really??? 140 degrees? I don't think so, how about 114 at least that is what animal control said. Next, no running water... let me get this right the dogs were there for 2 years without water? Wow! Those must be some hardy dogs. I tip my hat to them! Being as there was a flourishing nursery next door I doubt that there was a lack of water on the property. And WTF exactly will she be counseled for? How to deal with getting railroaded because she wasn't interested in "being with animal control" and lying? I called Steven Barrie and left a message, but I have not gotten a return phone call. I think anyone reading this story should also call him or his editor and ask for a retraction of this highly exaggerated story. I don't mind if you want to print the truth...but this is NOT the truth. 140 degrees....lol does it get that hot on the plains of Africa?

Woman with 92 dogs on Woodcrest property is convicted of animal cruelty

10:00 PM PST on Monday, December 14, 2009

The Press-Enterprise

A Woodcrest woman who was arrested in 2007 and had 92 dogs impounded from her property, including about 40 Great Danes, was convicted Monday of a dozen misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

The conviction of Antonia Angel White, 51, in Riverside County Superior Court came after a five-day trial, court records show.

White was arrested July 26, 2007, after two years of effort by the county Department of Animal Services to get her to treat in a humane manner scores of dogs she claimed were rescues, said John Welsh, spokesman for Animal Services.

Animal control officers discovered White's makeshift -- and unlicensed -- kennel on April 26, 2007, when they went to answer an unrelated call at a bordering property in the Woodcrest area south of Riverside, said Tammy Bellmonte, the Animal Services Department's captain of field operations.

They found 83 dogs living in unsanitary conditions, Bellmonte said. There was no house or running water on the property, and the ground temperature at the kennel was measured at 140 degrees.

"Most of the smaller-breed dogs were in various stages of heat distress, and most had no water," Bellmonte said.

On that and subsequent visits, White was ordered to improve the situation, get the dogs vaccinated and not take in any more.

After officers determined White had not complied, they impounded 92 dogs. Sheriff's deputies arrested White and she was cited, booked and released.

White's sentencing date has not been set, but Welsh said it's rare for people to get jail time in these cases.

"Normally what we get is three years probation, an order that she can't own animals, an order that she get psychological counseling and that she pay restitution costs," Welsh said.

Reach Steven Barrie at 951-368-9466 or sbarrie@PE.com

Happy Holidays

I would like to wish all of the readers a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from all of us(Left to right) Itty Bitty, Remmington, Layla, Bode, and Lilith. I also hope that next year will bring resolution and redemption to all pending issues.

Justice For Cubby

Last Saturday was a very sad day. Cubby lost his life after he was viciously attacked by neighbor dogs that broke down his fence and entered into his yard. However, this brutal attack could have been prevented if only Riverside County Animal Services would have done their jobs. Cubby’s owner had made numerous calls to animal control that went unanswered. On one occasion an animal control officer actually told Cubby’s owner “Oh that’s just Chauncy, here is his phone number go over and talk to him about it.”

Chauncy is the owner of Jerassik Park Kennels http://jurassikparkkennels.com/, a pit bull kennel. He must have a friend in Animal Control because numerous complaints were made by his neighbors, and ALL of them went unanswered.

In the past the dogs were in Cubby’s yard and destroyed patio furniture, however, this time it would be much worse. Cubby went outside (which should have been in the protection of his own back yard) and was immediately attacked. The owner’s husband was also mauled in his attempt to save Cubby’s life. The owner ran outside to assist her husband, and with little Cubby in her arms, was chased through her own home by the culprit dogs.

In total, 3 dogs attacked the tiny Pomeranian pulling his hip from the socket and fracturing many of his ribs. After being rushed to an emergency hospital, being placed on oxygen, and treated for sock little Cubby lost his battle and died during surgery.

When Animal Control went out the Chauncy’s dogs were in the house where Police and Animal Control did not have access. Later, only after Cubby’s owner reported his death and demanded action did animal control go back to Jerassik Park Kennels and seize the animals. One of the dogs actually tried to attack the Animal Control Officer through a window; clearly these dogs do not come from sound temperaments.

As a pit bull owner myself, I am saddened by this because yet again pit bulls have been made villains when I know as a breed they are not. The fact is bad ownership and these dogs will pay the ultimate price with their lives. It is a sad day for bully owners everywhere as once again we must defend our breed and our beloved pets against the degenerates and bad owners.

The fact remains that if Riverside County Animal Services would have done their jobs this accident could have been prevented and little Cubby would have been spared. If we are not safe in our own backyards or homes…..where can we seek refuge?

It’s interesting how Animal Control decides who get immunity and who gets harassed. I am hoping this act does not go unnoticed.

UPDATE: Apparently the act is going to go unpunished the dogs are home and a hearing will be held Tuesday December 22, 2009 at 2:00pm at Riverside Animal County Services building on Jurupa. Meanwhile, the culprit dogs are at home, and the man responsible is refusing to take responsibility and pay the vet bills for Cubby. Are you kidding me? I can think of a few people who had all of their dogs seized and charged with animal cruelty for less that the actions of this Chauncy! Sad to say this story will end up being a “Bad Pit Bull Story” rather than a SCUMBAG OWNER OF THE YEAR STORY or ONCE AGAIN ANIMAL CONTROL IS COVERING UP THE TRUTH STORY!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Because It Needed To Be Said

So it has come to my attention that some "rescue" has started up again with the chatter about Angel and her rescue efforts. I decided to add this post because I think these followers and gossip girls (and guys) need to think of it another way. There is a Great Dane rescue in San Diego owned by a man named Renee and I know he is in with John and Cynthia Neet these are the people who I am told called Riverside County Animal Control and told them that I was "harboring" some of Angel's dogs. Silly people! Angel's dogs have not been at my home since 2001, so I have to say I was shocked when Animal Control came out and searched my home. Now let me try to appeal to your conscious (if you have one) YOU are a show person as I am, YOU are over your dog limit, so how would you feel if someone called animal control on your friend Renee and in an act of defending your friend you were thrown into the cross hairs of animal control? I am well aware of the bite incidents that have taken place on your property as are many other exhibitors but the fact remains accidents happen. If I may quote an animal control officer from the Riverside puppy mill ordeal "people have their good days and their bad days." We met briefly at the Santa Barbara show and I was pleasant, but the situation has gotten far out of control, and when quality of lives are being ruined over a misunderstanding, or lack of things to do at home the gossip needs to come to an end. I am asking you to step back and take a long hard reflection of what you (John & Cynthia Neet/Renee) have done and realize that while today it may be Angel that is in the "hot seat" so to speak....tomorrow it may be you. May you be the one who is harassed at any animal function you and animal control happen to be at(such as the pet expo where the took pictures of me at a friends booth), you may be the one having surveillance pictures taken of you IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD!, have your animals mistreated and taken away, and you may be constantly harassed in your new county for helping a friend. Believe that, what comes around goes around and with the attitude you have been throwing around you are making quite a name for yourself as well...let's put it this way I don't even show as much as I used to and I am aware of your practices. The bottom line is you can hire all the top handlers you want but in the end you are who you are and YOU have to live with what you do to others. Angel has superior pedigrees, therefore, if you want what she has BREED BETTER DOGS- did you ever really think you would end up with her dogs?

The fact of the matter is, as animal owners/lovers/breeders if we allow this to happen to one exhibitor who's to say it can't happen to ALL of us? Where will the line be drawn and how is it decided who is a friend of Animal Control or a foe? Angel is always willing to help ANYONE- no questions asked and expecting nothing in return. You can only burn so many bridges before you find yourself alone on an island. What would happen to the canine rescue community if facilities like Tracy Ward (Gentle Giants) and Angel's (Dane Haven) go away? Is your San Diego based rescue prepared to take on all of these dogs? Some of them are sad to say homely, abused, scared, sick, special needs? In rescue, you can't rely on only having the pretty perfect Danes needing homes- No! The ones that need the most help are the ones that were in the shelter 2 weeks ago - you know the one, brindle boy, maybe a year old- was it someone from your group that picked him up only to have him euthanized because he had Wobbler's? I was willing to foster that boy and in fact I was on my way to get him, but I guess someone thought it was more important to kill him because he wasn't perfect. God knows there are plenty of rescue dogs to go around so why are you fighting over some while leaving others homeless? Is it really necessary to belittle the actions of others to make yourself feel better?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Can Riverside County Offer Fair Trials To Those Accused?

As the public may or may not be aware the trial for Angel White and Phyllis Williams started a couple weeks ago. I decided I would go and show support for the women I value as friends. I was also asked to bring a paper that would be entered into evidence. This paper had a quote from Director Rob Miller asking the public to donate funds, and was printed off of the Animal Services website in June. The interesting thing about this quote was not that he was asking for money because with the new fancy shelter that costs about 20 million dollars it is apparent they will be needing money and from what I understand the amount they need is about $50,000 PER MONTH to run this new facility. Anyway…he was asking for the public to donate not to “the Danes” or “July seizure” but to animals in need. The reason Mr. Miller gave on the stand? So Animal Services can use the money for any case not just the Danes in general. Apparently if they money donated for the Danes wasn’t used entirely then it would have to be returned to the donating public- and we can’t have that! Animal Services would lead the public to believe that they do not have the funds to care for all of the animals in their care so they need YOUR money to help out. My thinking: if you don’t have the money to care for these extra animals STOP SEIZING ANIMALS THAT DON’T NEED TO BE SEIZED. The way the media is present at these seizures goes straight to the heart of the issue that Animal Control is pulling at the heartstrings of the public to gain funds. Since no one else wanted to say it….I did. And im sure the Great Dane Club of America wouldn’t mind having their $10,000 donation returned! I feel it necessary to share with the public that Riverside County Animal Services received $13,000 for the care of these Great Danes.

Now as I sat in the audience during the trial I became confused. Angel was given a bill for $50,000 (that magic number again) for the “care” of her dogs. I don’t think I need to remind anyone about the care that was given to Nikki and what about the care of the other dogs who were allowed to fight. Rob Miller was asked if any dogs were injured while in the care of animal control he said no. He was reminded of a dog that was allowed to escape from its kennel and killed by other dogs during a fight. While it looks like Mr. Miller lied on the stand he just said “oh that dog” and gave his usual comeback of “I was unaware.” Phyllis was dismissed from the case due to lack of evidence against her. The fact that Animal Control was not on trial was brought up many times, but maybe they should be. These are the “foremost authorities” telling the public how to care for animals and prosecuting those that make mistakes yet even Animal Control makes mistakes. Rob Miller will pass the blame off onto anyone so he does not have to take responsibility for what goes on in HIS shelter.

Mr. Miller you are the ONLY person in authority I know that is allowed to get away with being completely clueless as to what goes on in your department and/or facility. A leader you are NOT sir!

Moving on to a more interesting topic of discussion, Mr. Steve Merrill, the prosecuting D.A. You gawked at the fact of a “grand conspiracy” by animal control. Im sure you would be interested to know that many friends of Angel have been harassed by animal control. Even more frightening now that this blog is up and running there are more people coming out of the woodwork also claiming to being harassed by officers of Riverside County Animal Services. Even worse, the exact day I turned in that important piece of evidence in Angel White’s case, 12/8/09, I was visited by animal control in my county. I have lived in this county for over a year and a half, so this visit is more than coincidence. I hope, sir, that you were not involved because it is apparent this visit was an act of retaliation.

I have 2 definitions for you although I am sure you don’t need them.
PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT- In jurisprudence, prosecutorial misconduct is a procedural defense; via which, a defendant may argue that they should not be held criminally liable for actions which may have broken the law, because the prosecution acted in an "inappropriate" or "unfair" manner. Such arguments may involve allegations that the prosecution withheld evidence or knowingly permitted false testimony. This is similar to selective prosecution.
You knowingly put people on the stand that would lie, Carol Sampson was proof of that, even OJ was able to use prosecutorial misconduct to help earn himself a not guilty verdict. You also showed a picture of a black Great Dane that was taken 8/20/07 showing the dog was in horrible condition. The dogs were taken in July so Animal Control had the dog for a month and was also UNABLE to put weight on the dog, yet you lead the jury to believe the picture was taken in Angel’s care…..shame on you. From the back of the room I noticed the date and I hope they did too! And the tampered vet records? Oh that’s no big deal either…..Animal Controls vet should be turned into the veterinary board for changing records I learned in my Veterinary Office Procedures class that changing records is not allowed a line should be drawn through the wrong information and new information is added under the CORRECT date…..not knowing the system is a poor excuse! They lied and YOU tried to cover it up!
TAMPERING WITH A WITNESS - Title 18, U.S.C., Sec. 1512, makes it a Federal crime or offense for anyone to use intimidation or physical force to threaten another person with intent to influence the testimony of a witness in any Court proceeding.

A person can be found guilty of that offense only if all of the following facts are proved beyond a reasonable doubt: First: That the witness was scheduled to be a witness in court; Second: That the person used intimidation/physical force against such witness; and Third: That the person did so knowingly and willfully with the intent to influence the testimony of the witness.

To act with intent to "influence" the testimony of a witness means to act for the purpose of getting the witness to change or color or shade his or her testimony in some way; but it is not necessary to prove that the witness' testimony was, in fact, changed in any way.
Like I said …….I hope you were not involved because as you could see from my presence in the remainder of the trial…..I was not shaken by attempts to cover up the truth. I am more disgusted by the actions of animal control than ever.

The moral of the story: If you had a case you would not have to put witnesses on the stand that would lie, you would not have to intimidate witnesses for the defense and you would not have to twist the truth. Mr. Merrill, you are a puppet for Animal Control’s cause I hope you sleep well at night knowing that YOU are just like THEM. Also how many other people will have their animals seized as a ploy to fund this new shelter and the others in Riverside County that are still under construction?