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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Puppy Mill in Riverside County Allowed to Opperate!

I received this link in my email this morning and I have to say I was so appalled I called Animal Control myself. After waiting on hold for over 10 minutes I was told that they could not give me any information (I guess they would rather just tell the press? because information always gets out in the papers) the girl was very defensive as she told me that the woman is now under investigation....NOW under investigation? Why not under investigation on February 25th when her kennel passed inspection by none other than RIVERSIDE COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL??? This video was taken just 10 days after the inspection....to me that did not look like 10 days worth of filth. This woman also debarked her own dogs! That alone is too repulsing to even think about. I also took a direct quote from Field Services Commander Rita Gutierrez (the same woman that took over our case) "We have been working with her (Linda Smith) for years, there is an open case against her, she has good days and bad days, you must have caught her on a bad day." Well Rita, if that is the case maybe all the people you have visited and seized animals from were having a bad day. Everyone needs to be done with the lies and deceit and start writing letters, it is clear that Riverside County Animal Control Director Rob Miller has no control over the office in which he presides. That became clear when he had no idea of the seizures that were taking place under what is supposed to be his watch. His field service cronies are on their own agendas and the non-sense needs to stop. The question needs to be asked: Why were these animals allowed to live like this UNDER the supervision of Animal Control- I say that because she was granted a kennel license. And anyone that has ever had a visit from the Animal Control gestapo knows first hand that they come to your property whenever they want, and using whatever means they want. The Sheriff has been known to tag along to help them gain access to properties, landlords have helped as well as "good samaritan neighbors" with a bordering fence. So now that they have been exposed...lets see how the lies will begin to flow to make a cover up. I wonder if our District Attorney will press charges against this woman as well? I know he likes to keep his conviction rate up, and with his pending Animal Control cases lets see if Linda Stewart has been added to the hit list.

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