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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dr. Alan Drusys For Mayor of Yucaipa, CA? Let's Hope Not!

One of the many faces behind the unlawful and highly controversial seizure of beloved pets all over Riverside County is running for Mayor in your city. Dr. Allan Drusys is vying for his chance to use his position as the county veterinarian as a booster into politics. I have had a suspicion for a while that animal control was not a favored position for its employees, but a stepping stone to something better as the county prefers to hire from within the family.
So now I pose the question, is an equestrian community such as Yucaipa prepared and/or willing to have this man running their town? The same man that proposed and bullied MANDATORY spay/neuter regulations into effect and created MANDATORY micro chipping for ALL county animals? I think it is also my duty to inform this equestrian community that Dr. Alan Drusys was in the care of a horse named Aragon, who was put to his death by Dr. Alan Drusys because it was suspected that he had cancer when, in fact, Aragon’s owner, Trea, claims he had a sheath infection from a lack of care on behalf of animal control. Trea frequently comments on this blog, and she also has her own blog which can be accessed from this site. Aragon, as well as his stable mates were unfortunate enough to be victims of yet another horse seizure in Riverside County because these officers are running rampant around the county unchecked and obviously unsupervised. In another case, a Great Dane named Nikki aka Ch. Camelot’s Nicholas VRojon, who was suffering from Leukemia was maimed when he was placed in a kennel with other in-tacked male Great Danes. Nikki was allowed to remain in the “care” of Dr. Drusys who did not treat him for his wounds, or his Leukemia. Nikki sadly lost his battle with Leukemia shortly after he was released from the custody of animal control because he went untreated while in their care. Photos of Nikki can be viewed on this blog by typing his name into the search box.
It has come to my attention that Dr. Drusys cannot make himself available to testify for our case because he is “busy” working on his campaign. Im so sorry to hear that we are interfering with your life Mr. Drusys, but you have taken up far too much of mine. It is also my hope that in the near future all of the cases that Dr. Alan Drusys has testified in will come under investigation as I believe he has assisted in the fabrication of false veterinary records being presented in animal cruelty cases such as the case of Riverside County V. Angel White.
At this time I am also encouraging all voters in Yucaipa to look into the candidate that wants control of your city. He who holds the key to your city also controls you and god forbid, your animals.

I also implore doubters to google Dr. Alan Drusys and see what kind of work he is really doing.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I began this blog in frustration over what was happening to us, and our friend. As time went on I came to know others that were victims of the same situation. I am now understanding that it is not myself or my mother that is a victim, but our horses. Animal Control is using animals as pawns to hurt those who stand against them. As they once told Angel, "You are either with us, or against us." I only wanted to stand up for a friend because I thought it needed to be said. Never in a million years did I think that I would place myself or my animals in the crosshairs of a vendetta. I feel completely defeated and weak at this moment because I have lost everything and gained nothing. I am devastated at the realization that I will never see my Thor and Freya again, and I know I will unconsciously look at farms and pastures as I pass hoping to catch a glimpse of them. I am empty and feel as if I cannot live without them. So I make my plea, if you have one of our horses PLEASE give us the opportunity to have them back. I do not know what you were told when you adopted them, or what you may think of us personally because of what you read in the papers. We were never asked for our side of the story, so please if you have doubts ask us. We are happy to talk to anyone, show pictures of the life we shared with our horses before our nightmare began.