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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marc Laxineta DVM

This was taken from the VMB website http://www.vmb.ca.gov/licensees/act01_02.shtml . I would like to take this time to thank DR. Marc Laxineta for NOT coming out to see Haley. I guess Riverside County Animal Control already had their mark on YOU. I can see why you changed your mind and decided not to come out to treat my horse when your office told me you would be there at noon. Haley died a couple weeks later at Chino Valley Equine thanks to your love of the animals that you went to school for so long to treat, professionalism and ethics (or lack there of). I just hope that one day you need something and someone blows you off as you did my Haley!

Marc Laxineta
Murrieta, CA
VET 8259 Revocation/stayed
5 yrs. probation
45-day suspension
$5,106 cost recovery
Continuing Ed.
Community service 12/15/2001
4883(m)--Animal Cruelty
4883(g)--Unprofessional conduct
4883(j)--Aiding and Abetting Unlicensed Practice

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