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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

7/30/07 Showdanes Posting

The bottom post is the original post by Cynthia Neet the top post was my response on the Showdanes Yahoo! Group. (Please read the bottom post first) I didn't bother to remove any names or emails because this is my blog and I think everything should be out in the open. I guess I am evil in that way, if you will be ashamed later ... don't write it now! My post has been compared to "the shot heard around the world" because it opened up a huge situation for myself and many others who came to the defense of Angel and her dogs.

Here is the original Press Enterprise story about the dogs http://www.pe.com/localnews/inland/stories/PE_News_Local_S_dogs27.3ef18b6.html

herotgreatdanes wrote:
Maybe I am just being protective or I am still ignorant to all of the facts I havent been to Angels place for a couple months, but I read the article as it was emailed to me several times by different people I havent talked to in years. I think some people are getting ahead of themselves in this situation, nothing has been decided on the fate of these dogs yet. From the emails I have gotten in my private email it seems people are frothing at the mouth to take on Angels dogs, lol if only we were so anxious to take on the many more homeless danes and others that roam the streets. Like I informed animal control when I went to check on the dogs I have serious doubts that she will be releasing any of her danes until she is forced to do so. Maybe if this "help" would have been available to her sooner this incident would not have occurred, while some rescues are more fortunate with help and funds we need to remember that others are not and while I realize rescue is a choice or calling or whatever you would like to call it I am more interested in the facts and what is really going on. Animal Control in this area has been busting many breeders/rescues all over Riverside County not all have been so fortunate to have news cameras on stand by. I dont mean to critisize anyone or mean to come off rude but my mailbox is full of opinions and such I had to call to get actual details..... ...has anyone called Angel to see if she needs help or anything?... ..Im guessing a fair amount of followers of this story have not. I think we can all contribute a little more to the welfare of all of our rescues ....not just the ones we like or think are deserving. If having too many dogs is cruel I think we can all think of many breeders/exhibitors who are over their limit for thier area...is that cruel? I can safely say that the kennels at Animal Control are not always fit to be lived in. When I adopted my Basset Hound they were filthy, dogs were fighting and were not being separated, they had parasites and sick dogs were kenneled with the general population. I also think its funny we would continue to send Animal Control money when all it seems to do it remodle their lobby and worker areas, the kennels have looked the same way for years. While they have added about 10 outdoor kennels that measure about 5 x 10 (where angels dogs are being kept)the animal areas are the same, disgusting. I think its important to see where the money that is donated goes and I know I am not the only one who has asked that question. As far as money for meds and such to my knoledge none of the dogs were injured and she had a large supply of flea & tick medication so that shouldnt be a problem also if animal control needs food for these dogs im sure they can take it from the plentiful supply of Nutro that was there for them. Some of the dogs Angel was caring for actually belonged to other rescues that she was helping out.I think we also have to remember Angel lives in a rural area, those of us with horses and kennels with grain and food stored im sure have seen a mouse in their day and as the story goes on it gets better, it is my experience that things are sometimes taken out of context. So before any more judgemnts or comments are made why dont we wait for the ruling and facts to come in. If you would like to reply to this please send an email privately so we dont clog up the list. I am aware that this post is not going to change any minds that were made up before this incident but I think it needed to be said.-

-- In showdanes@yahoogrou ps.com, "timeofdane" wrote:>> Hello everyone.> John Neet and I run the Great Dane Rescue in Riverside and San Diego > counties. We have a website: www.danerescue. org and we are posting > information as we receive it from Riverside County. They are also > posting information on their website: http://www.rcdas.org/> The dogs that were detained from Angel are not currently up for > adoption because they are being held as evidence right now.> Also, Angel will need to sign releases for the dogs to be adopted.> If anyone is a friend to Angel, perhaps you could talk to her and > encourage her to sign releases so that these dogs can go to new homes.> I am not sure what will be happening with her case, etc. but I do > know that there are many of you that have been calling and writing > that are willing to provide homes to the dogs.> Also, a few of us might be getting together this weekend to volunteer > to wash or walk the dogs or whatever. We are waiting to hear from > the shelter if they need our help. It is my understanding that they > recently hired many people at this particular shelter and that they > might not need our help right now. Let us know if you want to help > too.> I do know that they need $$$ for meds, blankets, food, etc. The > address for donations is on our website. Maybe some of us should get > together and send a donation in a lump sum.> Anyway, please continue to check out our site and/or the Riverside > website and write a note to John if you have any questions.> Thanks...> Cynthia>

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