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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

7/31/07 Showdanes Postings

I am taking this right out of my saved emails so this one will also need to be read from the last post up.

Im going to try to answer this without being rude, I apologize if it comes off that way. I have sat back and watch people attack others and it makes me sick. I stopped breeding and showing because of it. I remember a while back when I was able to help Angel more we were actually looking for your rescue and could not find it. We needed help with Tracy's dogs because she had gotten into trouble with her numbers and neighbor problems. I saw a puppy of yours in the ring when I was still showing so you also breed you do rescue the very thing Angel was criticized for. I do not agree with everything that goes on there by all means we all try to do what works for us. I work and go to school so I am not able to help her all the time, while I was concerned with her needing help I am 24 and have a mortgage to make and bills to pay by myself, so as you now know I dont just sit at home and fire off emails. I am still trying to piece together all the facts as I did not see the news broadcast but how strange that news cameras were on standby for the visit........I was there when animal control made a visit last year for the kennel licensing they counted all the dogs and there were many and they told her all she needed were more fly bags. Like I said I have not been there in a few months but when I was there at the Markham property the kennels were clean. The property had brush that was cleared and in piles that needed to be removed but all was clean. There was always plenty of food. Animal control is on a power trip right now and they are after everyone.......that is a fact I got in trouble for having 6 dogs when ALL of my dogs are in the house and very well cared for I am now down to less. I also agree with the placing dogs to inside homes even though I am certain it can not always be done when so many are in rescue and how can we say we are not going to take in rescue dogs because we have to many in our house? I am not rationalizing or making excuses for what happened, she did not have enough help, bottom line there should have been more help but no funds for it that I understand. I am just hoping her dogs do not bloat while in the care of animal control because we all know the conditions those animals live in.


You are right and I am answering you privately as you requested in your post. I do not think that the showdane site is the right forum to defend or villify, etc. Angel.
This entire letter to you is my personal opinion and what I believe to be true based on the allegations, what I have personally read, the people that i have personally spoken with, the things I have personally seen and witnessed.
I do not personally have an ax to grind with Angel and we have always gotten along.
The problem that I have is that it seems like people are rationalizing and enabling her behavior and making excuses for it. There really is no excuse for having 92 dogs detained, several of which belonged to her personally...
Also, those dogs were in a vacant lot (in a field), not on a property with a home.
Plus, I do not feel that this is a case of a person simply getting "overwhelmed" because she was already involved with the courts because she has been convicted twice before for kennel violations. She made conscious decisions as to her behavior.
There is alot more to this than meets the eye and it saddens me deeply.
Angel could have asked any number of us for help if she needed it. She chose not to.
Neglect is neglect, regardless of the intention. (10 dogs might be "over your head", but 90 of them??? That is just ridiculous...how does anyone care for 90 dogs all at one time?).
Plus, if you breed/own/ exhibit danes, then you know all of the breeders (Angel included, I think) make a big deal about not allowing a person to purchase a dog unless the dog is allowed to live inside the home with the family, etc. But, Angel's own dogs were detained from the vacant lot...
The bottom line is that she was the responsible party to know her limitations and what constituted appropriate vs. neglectful behavior and she failed to act responsibly. She really should not have been involved in rescue with such poor judgment.
I am personally tired of the hypocrisy. How are we ever going to be respected as breeders, rescuers and exhibitors if our own breeder/rescuer is getting into this kind of trouble?
This absolutely ruins relationships between rescuers and shelters, political officials and breeders, etc. the public..
This type of behavior makes it bad for all of us, not to mention the dogs.
And, what about the dogs? They are sitting in a shelter (the very place that rescuers are supposed to be saving them from) simply because Angel refuses to release them to go to permanent, adoptive homes. Why would she refuse to release rescue dogs for adoption?
It does not make sense.
Anyway, like I said, I am not a friend nor am I an enemy of Angel. We have always gotten along and she has always been nice to me. But that does not mean that I am willing to enable behavior that is simply wrong.
I kept my opinions private and to you only, because I do not wish to demonize anyone, especially in a public forum. I do want to suggest that you look into the matter a little bit more before you defend alleged criminal behavior in a public forum. Just a word of caution because this might not work out very well for Angel and the final information that gets out there could reveal more things that she has done and you would not want people to associate you with that type of behavior...
And...I know some of the people that are trying to defend her and I know that they happen to neglectful towards dogs themselves...and some of them I know for sure are enablers. I don't know you at all and I would not judge you.
But, please be careful about defending someone that really owes the entire community an explanation and apology and should be releasing those dogs for adoption.
I hope that you take this in the spirit that it is intended. I am concerned about the situation and I do not have anything at all personal against Angel.
I would like to ask those individuals that are defending Angel's behavior and making comments about "if we had helped her before" etc. Why did you not help Angel?
Sarah...why didn't you help her? Why didn't Pat help her? Why didn't any of her friends help her? Why didn't you all give her money or house some dogs?
I think that the answer is simple...because she did not ask any of us for help.
That was her poor judgment and her decision.
I would have worked very hard to help her had she asked and I would have offered to help her (one on one) had I only known the situation she was in. I would not have given her money, though, and that is because I do not trust her or what she would have done with the money. No offense, but I don't give away money unless it can be accounted for...
People involved in rescue need to have the funds and resources in order to properly execute rescue work or they should not be doing it. If a person is waiting for a grant to come through...then she needs to wait to house/service the dogs until she has the money.
Responsible people only take on what they can handle and if they begin to have trouble, they ask for the appropriate help before it becomes a disaster.
It does not help the dogs if they have to be rescued from the rescuer...
I would have helped her find good homes for the dogs and I would have helped her place some dogs emergently and immediately. She chose not to ask...why?
Angel knew John and his rescue. She knew she could have asked him...
Why didn't she? Why won't she release these dogs for adoption?
Poor dogs. The dogs are the ones that suffer because people behave selfishly.
Please do not pass my e-mail on to anyone. This was a response to your post.
I stand behind anything I write, however, I do not wish to hurt anyone or cause angst.
Thank you for your obvious care and concern. I think that we all really do care and probably we all feel frustrated by the situation. I hope that somehow this can be a learning experience and that we can find a way to make it help with prevention.

herotgreatdanes wrote:
Sorry I was at work and in a hurry when I wrote my first reply. My name is Sarah and I showed with Angel in California she was willing to help me when I was young and new, ya know when you really need the help and no one wants to be bothered with you. She was an excellent teacher and taught me everything I needed to know about having a breeding program and handling. This is an unfortunate situation for all involved.Sarah

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