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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Devore Dog Beating

This is old but I saw it on another blog and I wanted to bring attention to it because this should not happen to any animal ever again. It sickens me to know that this man is still employed with Devore Animal Shelter. You know, it's bad enough that they spend thier last days in a kennel....you don't have to beat them to a bloody pulp as well!

Marc Laxineta DVM

This was taken from the VMB website http://www.vmb.ca.gov/licensees/act01_02.shtml . I would like to take this time to thank DR. Marc Laxineta for NOT coming out to see Haley. I guess Riverside County Animal Control already had their mark on YOU. I can see why you changed your mind and decided not to come out to treat my horse when your office told me you would be there at noon. Haley died a couple weeks later at Chino Valley Equine thanks to your love of the animals that you went to school for so long to treat, professionalism and ethics (or lack there of). I just hope that one day you need something and someone blows you off as you did my Haley!

Marc Laxineta
Murrieta, CA
VET 8259 Revocation/stayed
5 yrs. probation
45-day suspension
$5,106 cost recovery
Continuing Ed.
Community service 12/15/2001
4883(m)--Animal Cruelty
4883(g)--Unprofessional conduct
4883(j)--Aiding and Abetting Unlicensed Practice

Have You Seen Me?

My name is Storina, I am an 18 year old Arabian. I am pictured above with my 2007 Half Arab foal Dun Roman PR. I was stolen/sold by Joan "Michelle" Duvall when she was supposed to be boarding me and my 22 herdmates. Along with Delite (pictured below) we are missing and are waiting to be found. If you see us please contact my owner ASAP (951)367-9641 ask for Sarah.

Have You Seen Me?

My name is Ra Gai Rain Delite, I am 26 years old. I was stolen/sold by Joan "Michelle" Duvall when she was supposed to be boarding me and my 22 other herdmates.

Our Horses

I wanted to make a slide show so readers can see what our horses looked like when they were in our care...not the care of Joan "Michelle" Duvall(the boarding facility) they were taken from. These are the pictures you will not see on the news because good ol' Bob Banfield and the other reporters either are not allowed or will not write an update story. Sadly, if they go against Animal Control where will they get thier next animal seizure story when they know about the seizure before the owner of the animals even knows!

These are Arabians, Quarter Horses & my two Draft Horses. I will add more photos as well some of the photos border our neighbors yard.

So What Happend After The Letter?

A whole lot of NOTHING! Well not really nothing, just nothing constructive. In fact, the matter has gotten much worse. I did not receive a response from Jeff Stone, Dr. Frykman got me a meeting with Rob Miller, Frank Corvino & Dr. Allan Drusys then later told me "these are good boys" and would have nothing more to do with me or the situation. The Governator sent me a letter basically saying he didn't want to be bothered with me but to remember him next election. Senator Hollingsworth told me it was a "legal issue" and because I had grounds to sue the county he couldn't help me. The meeting with the Animal Control officials produced a letter written by Frank Corvino sating that they had nothing to due with the taking of my pigs (Wally & Suzie-Q) and that they had no open case with us because our horses were in good shape. This meeting was later denied by Allan Drusys in out post seizure hearing- YES! he said we never had a meeting at all. Oh yeah, and our District Attorney.... the only thing we have heard form him was the charges he was bringing against us for taking our horses from a boarding facility. I did get my goats but thanks to Capt. Bel Monte telling the man that has my pigs that if I really wanted them back I would have to get a court order. All of the Officers I tried to file a complaint against took part in the seizure of our horses.

Letter Written Re: Animal Control 2/11/08

This letter was delivered to Riverside County Animal Control (Rob Miller), Director of the Riverside County Public Health Agency (Dr. Frykman), Gov. Schwarzenegger, Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge, Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco, Riverside County Supt. Jeff Stone, & Senator Hollingsworth (who explained to me it was a "legal issue")

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing you under great distress, I am in fear for my own personal safety as well as the safety and well-being of my animals. After a Real Estate transaction went awry we were forced to move from our farm with inadequate notice, leaving our animals in the care of the new owners of the property. During that time our goats and our pigs were taken by private citizens who state animal control instructed them to do so. I have recovered my goats however, my two pot bellied pigs Wally and Suzie-Q are still missing. Since Animal Control has stated they are not involved, I reported the missing animals to the Sheriff’s Department to help me recover my animals. The gentleman that has the pigs’ refuses to give them back stating he had permission to remove the animals by an Animal Control Officer that he is in contact with. I have been in constant contact with different levels of Animal Control and getting the “run-around”. After attempting to file an excessive force complaint against a couple deputies that escorted us off of our previous property we now are having further trouble with Animal Control at our new property. It seems the Sergeant took the time to look us up using means that I am still unsure of because my home phone number is unlisted and called Animal Control for abandonment and neglect. She was even so kind as to call us at work and inform us of her actions. I have done everything I can to comply with Animal Control but their position and allowances continue to change. One officer told me the amount of dogs we had was fine because they were licensed, now that I have made an issue and accused an officer of stealing my animals it is not ok. When the Animal Control officers were at my house at 8:00am on a Saturday morning they informed me that they would continue to harass me as long as I am in their county. One of the officers was in my face telling me she was going to call the Sheriff and have me removed from the property. The deputy I have been working with to get my pigs back was contacted by an Animal Control officer and told to send all correspondences to her because if I wanted my pigs back it will take a court order. To me this does not sound like an agency that has nothing to do with the disappearance of my animals. I have tried on numerous occasions to explain this issue to upper management of Animal Control, I have even had two meeting, yet this behavior has been allowed to continue, in fact it has gotten worse. My horses and other animals are in constant danger of being seized for the lack of knowledge by Animal Control. They sent out officers who have little to no knowledge of Horses or Livestock and they are making false claims and accusations and then telling me they can come and take my animals. The officers told us that 23 of our 27 horses were in severe need of a farriers attention, when we called our farrier out, he was only able to do 5 because no one else needed to be done. They are also requiring us to keep a weeks supply of feed on our property at all times. With the rainy weather our property has flooded and we have no place to keep our hay supply safe from the elements. The Animal Control officers suggestion “you look like a genius, I’m sure you can figure it out”. There is a lack of control and professionalism as well as a lack of knowledge floating around Animal Control. They are the ones responsible for setting the standard of care everyone should provide their animals, yet they set the bar higher for people outside of their agency. I am urging you to please not allow the actions of this agency to continue. I am sure I am not the only person experiencing this behavior, I am just one of the first to come forward and seek guidance from those that govern such agencies.

I have provided all information regarding this matter in the packet attached.
- Conversation Log from 1/12/08 to 2/11/08
- Notice From Animal Control Dated 1/15/08
- Request For Records Submitted 1/22/08 By Sarah Mason
(Records still have not been received 2/11/08)
- Copy Of Pig Licenses
- Letter From Jack Bishop Re: Missing Pigs With Photo
- Notice From Animal Control Dated 1/24/08 (this was a first notice not second)
- Notice From Animal Control Dated 1/25/08
- Notice Of Violation From Animal Control Dated 1/26/08
- Copy of Farrier Bill with a note about the condition of horses
- Feed Bill for 1 weeks worth of hay
- Photos Of Horses/Animals In Question
- Letter from my Assistant Trainer Robin Benefiel
- Letter from Mathew Rodolf
- Arabian facts and photos of horses to show size & weight
- Thoroughbred photos to show size & weight
- Draft Horse information and photos to show size & weight
- Quarter Horse information and photos to show size & weight

Please consider all facts provided in this package as this matter is quickly becoming out of control. I have done everything I can to comply but I am still under constant harassment and I do not feel this matter can be resolved without your urgent attention. Because of this issue Code Compliance has now contacted me at work, (I did not know calling you at work without leaving a notice on your door was a common practice) and our landlord who we have just signed a 1 year lease with has asked us to move because he does not want any trouble with Animal Control or Code Compliance. As you can see, we are in desperate need of help.

At this point I am seeking to file a formal complaint against all officers involved in my case(s). When I called the shelter on 1/28/08 they did not have a record of the second officer coming to my home at 8:00am on Saturday morning. I have since discovered her name is East Field Officer Betsy Richie; she would not give me her card when I asked and I was told she was a Captain.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Sarah Mason

Puppy Mill in Riverside County Allowed to Opperate!

I received this link in my email this morning and I have to say I was so appalled I called Animal Control myself. After waiting on hold for over 10 minutes I was told that they could not give me any information (I guess they would rather just tell the press? because information always gets out in the papers) the girl was very defensive as she told me that the woman is now under investigation....NOW under investigation? Why not under investigation on February 25th when her kennel passed inspection by none other than RIVERSIDE COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL??? This video was taken just 10 days after the inspection....to me that did not look like 10 days worth of filth. This woman also debarked her own dogs! That alone is too repulsing to even think about. I also took a direct quote from Field Services Commander Rita Gutierrez (the same woman that took over our case) "We have been working with her (Linda Smith) for years, there is an open case against her, she has good days and bad days, you must have caught her on a bad day." Well Rita, if that is the case maybe all the people you have visited and seized animals from were having a bad day. Everyone needs to be done with the lies and deceit and start writing letters, it is clear that Riverside County Animal Control Director Rob Miller has no control over the office in which he presides. That became clear when he had no idea of the seizures that were taking place under what is supposed to be his watch. His field service cronies are on their own agendas and the non-sense needs to stop. The question needs to be asked: Why were these animals allowed to live like this UNDER the supervision of Animal Control- I say that because she was granted a kennel license. And anyone that has ever had a visit from the Animal Control gestapo knows first hand that they come to your property whenever they want, and using whatever means they want. The Sheriff has been known to tag along to help them gain access to properties, landlords have helped as well as "good samaritan neighbors" with a bordering fence. So now that they have been exposed...lets see how the lies will begin to flow to make a cover up. I wonder if our District Attorney will press charges against this woman as well? I know he likes to keep his conviction rate up, and with his pending Animal Control cases lets see if Linda Stewart has been added to the hit list.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

21 Horses Seized In Menifee

Here is the news story about the horses taken from the boarding facility. I think I should add that the horses were NOT in bad shape when they went to the facility they just had the remainder of a winter coat. The horse pictured is Winston, he was bred by the owner and was the only horse that "really needed to be taken" according to Dr. Druseys of Riverside County Animal Services in the post seizure hearing.

I would also like to add that in the hearing the owner of the boarding facility Michelle Duvall (who had also been convicted of Cruelty to Children- see a pattern here?) could only produce $600.00 in hay recipts and salt blocks when she was given over $1800.00 plus hay by the owner of the horses. Michelle is a witness for Animal Control and is NOT being charged with what she did to these horses. In a private meeting with our attorney a rep. from Animal Control told our attorney "none of this would have happened if Sarah had not written those letters" so welcome to the world of vendettas I wrote a letter to the D.A, Senator, Governor, Dr. Frykman of The Riverside County Department of Public Health & Safety (boss of Animal Control) as well as several of the Riverside County Supt. and apparently someone didnt like what they saw. Keep reading as I am posting everything I have...it just might take me a while.

Answer From PETA

I recieved a fax from Christina Wheeless of PETA thanking me for my letter and asking some questions about the Great Danes taken by Animal Control. I passed the letter on to Angel so she could send the story and some pictures. I am hoping they will get involved I know in the past they have not but things are out of control.

3/2/09 MySpace Blog Post

Happenings In Riverside County *REPOST*
Current mood: bullied

This is a letter that is soon to be published written by the wife of an AKC Judge & respected breeder that I showed dogs with. (The only correction is there were 21 horses taken not 5) Please feel free to pass this around.

One of the sections in the recently passed MSN was the "hearing for those cited are handled by a hearing official appointed by the Animal Control director." This is how it works:

It all goes back to the case against Angel White who has yet to be charged or scheduled for a court hearing.
Now, every person who spoke up in her defense and lives in Riverside County has been visited by AC. The latest case occurred yesterday and involves her friend who has horses. These were not "pet" horses but registered Arabians, including a valuable stallion. She boarded five horses for two weeks but that stretched to a month. She paid for boarding and food and was in contact regarding when she would be arriving with the horse trailer for her horses. She was notified that AC had seized her horses and were bringing criminal charges against her for their condition. The person who had the boarding facility was not charged nor named in the case. The owner was denied access to see her animals. The attending vet said the horses were a little thin but healthy so should be returned to the owner. She asked for a public defender. When they arrived at the hearing they were notified that this was a criminal and civil case. The public defender asked for a delay because she had only been given the criminal file the day before and had no knowledge of the civil case. It was denied. The charge was that she had abandoned her horses. She showed the receipts for boarding and food and said the balance was due when she pick up her horses. The person who runs the boarding facility and was paid to feed the horses arrived and talked to the hearing officer in private without the defendant nor her attorney being allowed to hear what she had to say. There was no written account of her private testimony. The decision was that she was guilty of abandoning her horses and therefore lost all rights to them. The county now owned them. This was not justice by any stretch of the imagination. It was a set up.

For those who still feel that Rob Miller and Alan Drusys can be trusted to abide by the law, think again; they are the law. They have systematically harassed and intimidated anyone they knew of who could speak in behalf of Angel. With this new hearing system in place are we at risk? What if you go on vacation and board your champion dogs or have a dog sitter come in? Could you be charged under the same scenario as the horse owner? Since you do not have the right to see and verify the condition of the animals, you cannot refute their allegation that the animals were being starved. AC could not feed the animals while in their care and take photos showing thin animals. In another incident, an Angel friend went to work in the morning and was later called by a neighbor who said that there was an AC truck on the road and two people went into her back yard. Luckily she worked close by and rushed home to find the AC officers in her back yard, peering into her sliding glass door. She confronted them and told them that they were not allowed to enter her yard without a warrant and advance notice. They told her that they were allowed because the animals were abandoned. What?? She just went to work. This was plain intimidation.

I am concerned because Rob Miller and Alan Drusys were not happy that so many of us showed up to fight MSN. He has names and addresses of the speakers. Let us know if any of you are harassed.

2/11/09 MySpace Blog Post & Letter To PETA

I am so fed up with the deciet and lies! So ive done it- I wrote to PETA hopefully they will step in and do something because it is apparent that no one else will. Feel free to pass this along and spread the news and also feel free to do your research!!! What good is a government when they lie in court and ruin the lives that keep it running??? I am bringing it to your attention....now you know and YES this post is about animals and while many think thats not important READ THIS: it only starts here. The corruption has entered the police departments and the district attorneys office. They lied on the stand and changed charges and collaborated stories to make a political statement. Think of it like it is YOU- like someone just took the most important thing away from you, your child maybe or your house maybe your precious iPod and lied and there was no way you could get it back or worse- they were trying to charge you with a crime and ruin your record and your career. Now what? Don't just sit there and say "wow, thats too bad" do something about it- throw away all of your cheap talk and ACT!!!!! Before its too late and all of your civil liberties are gone. I am souless...just an empty shell. I can honestly say I now want for nothing which really sucks because just a couple weeks ago I wanted to be a livestock veterinarian and I was on my way it wasnt just a dream or an "I want" Its a hell of a thing to be lost and not know what to do next.....dont let this happen to you- its an awful feeling that nothing will cure.

.. ..
RIVERSIDE COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL in ....Riverside.., ..California.... is illegally seizing animals and abusing them while they are in their care. Great Danes were seized and while in the care of animal control severely injured when intact males were placed in community kennels- all while employees of animal control were said to have stood by and watched!!! Dogs were not treated for their injuries and many became ill suffering from bloat and parasites. When the dogs were finally returned to their owner many were underweight and one dog was completely mangled from a dog fight with open gashes all over his body. I personally have taken pictures of filthy kennels and feces smeared on the food bowls these dogs are expected to eat from.
.. ..
There is also a report that a dog was thrown from a moving car, when a rescue group spoke to animal control about gaining custody of the dog to adopt it out they were informed the dog had already been euthanized because “he couldn’t walk into court and point out who did it”.
.. ..
21 horses were seized from a boarding facility for being starved. The owner was trying to get the animals off the property and even called animal control and the sheriffs department for help but was told it was a civil matter. Animal control has since seized these animals and is now prosecuting the OWNER not the boarding facility that abused the horses. The owner has provided evidence that the horses were loved and cared for but to no avail. We now fear due to the condition of the horse market these healthy horses will be euthanized if homes can’t be found because animal control refuses to return the horses to their owner even though that was the recommendation of the veterinarian that saw them after the seizure.
.. ..
70 animals were killed during another seizure when they “surrounded officers” I’m curious and you should be too….how did that happen? How were 70 animals killed? Were they humanely euthanized or were they shot down in their yard?
.. ..
Another woman was told by police officers that if she did not release custody of her (very friendly) pit bull that she would be taken to jail. The woman also had 2 other dogs on the property (they didn’t want those) the pit bull was taken back to animal control and immediately euthanized!
.. ..
All of these stories can be verified on the internet or I can send you copies of the stories – PLEASE – I am begging you (regardless of what you think of the owners of these animals who are still on trial for doing nothing more than loving their animals and fighting with animal control for their wrong doings) please step in and help us put an end to the suffering that is being caused by the very agency that was set-up to protect the animals. I’m not asking for anything other than for you to do some research and expose the wrong doings before more animals and people are hurt. They are ruining lives for the sake of politics. I have written to many government agencies and no one wants to get involved.

12/3/08 MySpace Blog Post

Corruption Runs Deep
Current mood: betrayed
As many of you know I am in a never ending battle with Riverside County Animal Control that began with me writing a simple post to a message board in defense of a friend who had her dogs seized illegally with the help of Riverside County Sheriffs Department. Within 14 days of my posts being turned into Animal Control I recieved a visit Animal Control harrassing me about this and that I knew what it was about......Since then they have followed us to our new house and began harrassing us there with the help of you guessed it Riverside County Sheiffs Department. After the theft of my four goats and two pot-bellied pigs by an Animal Control Officer I decided to get pissed and I wrote a letter to every Government Official I could think of the Governor, Mayor of Riverside, all of the Riverside County Supervisors, the Senator for my district as well as the Director of Animal Services and his boss the Director of Public Health And Safety. In the end I was dicked around and many of these agencies decided that it was a "legal issue" and did not want to get involved you know incase I decide to sue. Our fabulous Governor had some slime in his office write me a letter stating they do not get involved in such things as it is not their duty (but hey remember good ole Arnold when voting season returns!) The director of Public Health and Safety told me that the Director of Animal Services was "A Good Boy" and he would not deal with me any further on this matter and would not allow me to file my complaints back in March when I requested.
Not the situation has snowballed and is completely out of control. My beloved hitch mare Haley whom I paid a great deal of money for has died because Animal Control Officers contacted every veterinarian in my area (Riverside County to be specific) so they did not want to get involved or treat my horse when she was sick. In turn I was forced to move her to another county to be seen by 2 different veterinarians unfortunately for Haley treatment came to late and she lost her life. We were forced to move again when our lease was terminated due to our harrassment and we had to board our horses. Animal Control found out where the horses were and advised the facility to starve our horses and were seized. We made several attempts to remove our horses from the boarding facility with no luck or help from authorities we were only told if we were caught trespassing we would be arrested. We continued to give the woman money for what was supposed to be for hay to feed our horses which is very apparent she was not doing. We watched in horror on the news as our horses were taken from the facility and into Animal Control care which is what they wanted all along.
A letter from a vet that saw all of our horses stated that they should all be returned to the owners (us) as they were just underweight with no other issues however Animal Control decided not to do that. By the time we recieved our hearing the bill for our horses was already topping $12,000 with $8,000 being overtime for Animal Control Officers specificlly the officers I attempted to file a complaint against. In our hearing the first day our attorney was told that we would be getting our horses back in incriments (there were 21 taken). By the next hearing we were told no we would not be getting them back and we would have to fight for them. Since then we have filed our appeals and formal charges have been brought against my mom for animal cruelty. Keep in mind California Law states that a boarding facility is fully responsible for animals in their care wither it be for veterinary care, farrier care or feeding regardless if the ower of the animals board is current or not which ours were. So how can this D.A (who also recied my package asking for help on 2/13/08) explain his case that my mom is responsible for what this woman did to our horses. I should also tell you this woman has never been and Animal Control nor the D.A is planning ANY charges for the way she treated our animals that were removed from her care. Also I should tell you that 2 of my moms Arabians valued between $5,000-$10,000 died in this womans care and she never showed any proof we have since discovered that she sold our horses to a rescue lady in Northern California and are trying to recover them.
Since this started Animal Control Officers have visited every feed store, veterinarian and friends of mine and asked them to sign false statements about the way we care for our horses. One feed store was threatened and agreed to the statement and will now be charged with purgery because we save all of our feed bills. Our farrier wrote a letter on our behalf and is now being harrassed by Animal Control about his cattle. A friend of mine that runs a dog rescue has also been targeted and was forced to shut down her rescue when officers threatened to make an example out of her as well. Where will it end?? Our attorney was told that the only reason Animal Control is coming after my mom was because of the letters I wrote to my local Government Agencies apparenlty someone was paying attention and decided to make some phone calls (whoever you are I am gratefull) getting Animal Control a slap on the wrist.
I am not done. I am completely stressed and when I am stressed I become inspired I save every detail because to me details are important. I have begun research on Animal Control harrassing tax payers just trying to live their lives. They are wrongfully seizing aniamals and ruining lives. We had show horses that were kept in show condition except for the winters (when they got their fuzzy coats- we lived in an area with snow) our horses now run the risk of being euthanized if we do not get them back....thats right they will NOT be placed and Animal Control has already told me they do not have the budget to maintain them. They are currently being housed at some scumbag boarding facility in Homeland (Juniper Flatts area) which as anyone that lives in Riverside County knows the Sheriffs Department does not like to respond to calls there because its a rough neighborhood to put it nicely. We have not been allowed to visit or even make sure they have all of our horses or the ones they say they have are even ours. We are just supposed to take their word for it and pay the bill.
Moral of my post: stand up for yourself and others dont just blow things off because it doesnt effect you because one day the long arm of the government will be telling you its bedtime and if you can go for that sunday drive to the mountians you love so much. The corruption needs to be sought out and delt with remember these are elected officials it was US that voted them into the postition of authority they are now abusing....TAKE IT AWAY!!! Before it is too late and you loose everything that is dear to you ...so you dont end up writing a post like mine believe me ....I dont play the helpless victim well the next time I ask Riverside County Animal Control any questions it will be infront of news cameras hopefully standing next to my horses!

10/16/08 MySpace Blog Post

And Justice For All…

How can you be told one thing in a hearing and in the next after the facts and past events have had time to stew decide to do something completely different and much more sinister. I feel utter disgust and helpless that the justice system is taking yet another turn to work against the civilians it was set up to protect and serve. The witness brought in to give testimony against us was completely unprepared for the hearing to me that speaks louder than her lies ever could. Clearly she was cut a deal- she starved out our horses to the point they were eating sand, dirt and worse- their own manure. As the report was read and she sat smugly across the table trying very hard not to look at me I found it very difficult to remain seated in my chair and composed- I wanted to rip her throat out. Our own government agencies have been working strenuously tipping over rocks to find people willing to sign false affidavits and statements regarding our horses. Statements made in our favor were simply not added in as evidence one receipt showing that we gave the ranch for hay was even thrown out because the ranch owner said she did not remember receiving such money. The thing that shakes my confidence the most is the fact that most of the hearing was conducted "off the record" and we were requested to leave the room so only our attorney was present on our behalf therefore if any issue came up we would not speak for the validity of the claim. Another "off the record" claim that was made "If Sarah hadn't written that letter to all of those officials we would not be perusing this matter with you criminally" this sounds a little like playground talk to me. We have not received the decision as of yet but at this point the reality and depth of the situation is beginning to sink in. The fact that I may never see my Freya and Thor again actually exists then I move onto the fact that they may not be able to be placed together which would simply devastate both of them as well as me. I am at a point I feel like I can't fight anymore because it seems like an endless battle that may have dire consequences for all involved, most of all my horses. The point was made that only two of the horses were actually in need to be seized from the ranch the other horses were just thin and taken at that time for the convenience of Animal Control so they would not have to return at a later date or contact us- the owner of the horses. Animal Control said they don't care who is responsible they want to keep the horses in their care until this case has completely reared its ugly head. Meanwhile our bill continues to accumulate at $12,000 and growing to be honest I am afraid to see what it has become now. $8,000 of that bill being overtime pay for Animal Control officers, namely the ones I requested to file complaints about back in January. Seem odd? Apparently I am the only one who thinks so.

The moral of this story boys and girls… if you stand up for yourself and what is right and speak out against corrupt government officials they will come at you with everything they've got in their hat and the hat of others who scratch their slimy backs. How can we trust a government that consistently lies to the people that keep it funded with our tax dollars? Who can this be reported to and an even bigger question… how does one put an end to the pettiness and fraud that takes place among those we elect and charge with the safekeeping and responsibility of our communities. I assume one day their arrogance will cloud their judgment and they will be caught in the act but will the people be brave enough to take a stand and overthrow the lowlifes and take back what was set up what was meant to be for the people and by the people. Not for wealth or privilege but for honesty, integrity and for what is right. This kind of behavior can not be allowed to continue.

I will post more as this saga continues.

8/8/08 To Those Most Important To Me

To the golden siff with sunlight in her hair
All that glitters is gold
The dark solider forever at her side
May you always stand proud
The dynamic duo with thunder at their feet and strength in their stride

3/3/08 MySpace Blog Post

You know what I find more disappointing than anything else? I have been fighting with Animal Control in my area for months; I have asked for the help of every high up government official I can think of with no avail. It seems no one wants to get involved in a "legal matter" because they are all afraid I am going to sue.......if they are afraid of this and they KNOW they are wrong, then don't you think they would give me what I am after so I will go away???? Not just keep lying to my face and further pissing me off? It has gotten so bad that my beloved hitch mare Haley, has coloiced and Animal Control took the liberty of calling all of the vets in my area so I could not get a vet to come to my property to treat Haley so I sent her to a boarding facility in another county to try and get her treated. Haley began to feel a little better and yesterday she took a turn for the worst, she was down all day...but do you think someone called me...NO!!! Do you think they called a vet out.....NO!!! They simply allowed Haley to lay around all day long so of course she exhausted herself to the point where she couldn't even get up. I called a local vet and he went over $380 later he said if I wanted to save her she would have to go to an emergency clinic. I called a horse ambulance.... keep in mind this is a Draft Horse, you can't just put her into the car and haul ass to the vet, it took him almost 2 hours to get to Haley from San Juan Capistrano. Oh I forgot, he charges by the hour so we had to hoist Haley into the trailer because she could not stand much less walk on her own. Once we got to the vet we had to hoist her into the stall and the whole time the vet is talking to me like he couldn't give a shit about my Haley and he just didn't want to be bothered because she "was more than likely going to die anyway" all of this talk for an $8,0000 bill because people didn't call me a week ago when Haley went off of her feed or didn't bother to take her to the emergency hospital when she left my house last Monday. Then again, if Riverside County Animal Control would have minded their own business and not tried to screw me over, the only one this is going to hurt is my sweet Haley, the price of ignorance may be great. It may cost Haley her life. ..

This is the time when we need to take a stand, not as taxpayers or good citizens but as people who will refuse to be harassed by neighbors encouraged by county agencies to watch us with binoculars. I don't know about anyone else but I am tired of being a prisoner in my own home and I am tired of being watched in my own home. I do not work hard, go to school, pay taxes, and be an overall good citizen so I can be told what to do by some bureaucrat who decided to stick his pencil on a paper and write a new law prohibiting me to do something or to own something that he knows nothing about. What happened to the land of the free?? The system has made you free alright, free to go to work and pay your taxes.....and when you need help don't come to them, they won't help you. Just remember to send your votes and your campaign contributions. ....
What has happened to our society? Things need to change, stand up for our rights before it is too late. Every day the civil liberties we take for granted are taken from us, what are you going to do when this country goes Communist? ....


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So after a week of hell I am ready to let go and talk about my experiences. As most of you know I was moving and going to court....great fun. In the midst of all of this moving 27 yes...27 horses, my dogs, my moms dogs, 3 fishtanks, 4 birds.....and all of our shit with just me and my mom doing this. Ok with that said I know I left out some animals....thats because when we went back to get them, they were GONE!!!!!

The new tennant of the old house is a major tweaker....you know what I think that shit sucks, it ruins families but hey to each their own. He started talking shit and giving us a hard time so I got pissed. Not just annoyed as usual but off the wall rampage pissed. Originally I was told that Animal Control came and took the animals. I called they say they dont have them then I think WTF where are my 4 goats and 2 pot bellied pigs??? I was able to find out that there is a crazy "rescue" lady across the street and she took it upon herself to take my animals and adopt them out. I go to her house because I am feeling crazy and what do I see...5 of my dog crates(I used to show dogs remember), worth about $150 each this lady stole them. So I put them in my car and go back to the tweaker to get her phone number. I call this lady and she says she doesnt know where my animals are....WRONG ANSWER. I go balistic and I tell her I have already filed a police report and she needs to find out where she took them. About 5 mins later I get a call back from her telling me she found my goats and gave me his number. So I get my goats back which by the way might be bred because this guy mixed them in with males. nice huh....so pretty much my goats were raped. Whatever then that lady calls me back and says the guy with my piggies told her Animal Control said he could keep my piggies. So I call A.C of course they dont call me back. I left almost a dozen messages over the weekend and I was out with the sheriff until 10:30 at night at the crazy animal rescue house. Monday was a holiday just my luck but no worries I went to A.C anyway and made a scene until they called the direct at home and woke him up. Moving on.....I am told a supervisor is going to call me to find out what happened because Livestock are considered personal property and I reported them stolen. Yes I made the sheriff laugh too but you know what.....I dont care they are my animals and they were taken illegaly. I have since had 2 meetings with the director of A.C because the guy with my pigs refuses to give them back saying A.C was involved telling him to take them. So this afternoon I went down there and had to make the director talk to the sheriff because they could not coordinate this conversation on thier own. So now it looks like I will finally get Wally & Suzie-Q back! I will let you know what happens. There will be a formal investigation into what happened. A.C is harrasing to many people and I find it hard to belive that they had nothing to do with it when 3 different people had this officers name. I have gotten the ball rolling. Has this happened to anyone you know??? I am hearing stories all over now of A.C taking animals illegally it needs to stop, what do they need with my animals??

*Update*1/25/08 I got home last night to find a new notice from A.C on my door...it seems the sheriff got our new address for them. The sheriff called my mom yesterday and told her A.C was at our house. So now im wondering is it comon practice for A.C to let the sheriff know where they are going or will this harassment continue???? Post your comments. I want to know what people are thinking.

I also spoke with the sheriff who is working on getting my pigs back (a different divison than listed above) and he said the guy with the pigs is claiming A.C has a pending investigation against me.....I called A.C they are saying they never told him that because there isnt a pending investigation. WTF is going on here???

Angel Gets Her Dogs Back Posted 11/9/07

I know I told a bunch of you what happened and you all saw the news post etc. What you have not seen is the faces behind what happened. This is Nicky BISS Ch. Camelot's Nicholas V Rojon pictured at 7 years old. Yes he is an AKC Champion and Best In Specialty Show Winner meaning that he went to a Dog Show with only Great Danes entered and was the best one there. In tough California Competition. He was one of the dogs seized from Animal Control a couple months ago. He was kenneled with several other adult un-altered males and from the looks of it barely escaped with his life. There where pictures taken of Nicky just before he went into Animal Control custody...he DID NOT look like that. These are gaping, untreated wounds. Why did animal control not remove him from the kennel at once? Why was he allowed to loose so much weight and WHY was he not treated?? I don't know about everyone else but I would like to see these questions publicly answered seeing as this is the agency that wants to tell us all how we should be treating our animals. I will post more pictures when I get them.

I have also included a couple of the pictures I took when I vistited the "Shelter" the day after the Danes were seized.
This is what I found:
-Filthy kennels -
-Several Intact (Un-Neutered) males housed together and fighting
-Feces smeared on food dishes that the animals were expected to eat out of
-Sick animals in with the general population
-Ticks, Fleas, Internal Parasites (Worms)
-Thin animals here A.C gets food donated and they dont even feed it
-Some of the dogs were wet from the "spray down" inside the kennels which only makes the poop runny and more of a mess then they have to lay in a cold and wet kennel.

Please forward this post as you see fit, I think it is important for people to know what really happens at the "Humane Society"

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im sorry I thought that post was going private

HarlequinDane@aol.com wrote:
In a message dated 8/1/2007 4:18:01 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, herotgreatdanes@yahoo.com writes:
I wont feel bad about anything that I say about animal control they are out harrassing people that should be left alone and driving right past animals in desperate need of help.
Sarah, I know it often feels like an uphill and losing battle - but have you and others tried to address these issues ? This link shows a few CA related lists, maybe you can network with others to try and stay aware of shelters like this, legislation, trying to work from within ? http://pet-law.com/statelists.html We have the same issues here in FL, some counties are RABID about shutting down ALL breeders and even rescuers :( It has become a time consuming task, but we have hopped on board to keep track of our local communities and the state and try and prevent AR types from taking over altogether.

Mrs EmeryGDCA/GDCNCFGDR NE Fla/GOPDC/ARPONEFhttp://www.cafepress.com/gdcncf

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I won’t feel bad about anything that I say about animal control they are out harassing people that should be left alone and driving right past animals in desperate need of help. People nowadays just use them as pawns to fight with neighbors and people they don’t like. I used to frequent animal control when I volunteered there in high school, unfortunately the only part of the facilities that have gotten better are the ones that the workers use, not where the dogs are housed. Im sure you will agree with the temperaments that are out there.....some of the dogs I have seen had some pretty scary attitudes I would hate to see them fall into the wrong hands you know


8/1/07 Email With Cynthia Neet

I agree, the facilities could have been better, when I lived in Riverside I was there a lot and things were ok. I moved past Temecula and I cant get out as much with work. I have never met you, the bitch I saw was Black I forget who she was owned by she was young when I stopped showing I could find one of my catologs but I dont recall off hand I remember the name because I knew he did rescue and I thought it was odd when people were jumping on Angel for breeding and doing rescue when they never were intermixed. Thats all. The facility I was at had a mobile on it.....maybe she moved I knew she was planning on it.


Cynthia Neet wrote:
Don't be fooled.
I don't think that you know who I am. What puppy are you talking about? John Neet had and has a rescue that he has had for many years. Angel knows him. I know for a fact that there were rescue people over the past few months that have tried to help Angel and she flatly refused. I was at the Markham property and I can tell you that it was definitely not o.k.
I saw it for myself. A vacant lot in heat over 100 degrees (without water) is not o.k. I am aware that Angel is telling people that there was water...but there was not.
Regardless of all of that...I don't have a problem with Angel.
I also know Tracy and all of the shenanigans that goes on with their enterprise...
I have been there too.
Don't you think that there is something wrong with a breeder/rescuer that keeps 90 dogs (including her own show dogs) in a vacant field?
There is something really, really wrong with all of this and not fair to the dogs.
I think that we need to find a way to prevent this type of mismanagement/neglect from going on in the future. I don't think that you are rude. I think that you are well meaning and that you have seen the good sides in the people we are talking about. I have too. But, I have also seen the bad sides and I feel very sorry for the dogs. We need to find a way to improve all of this. Don't you agree?

8/1/07 Showdanes Post

herotgreatdanes@yahoo.com wrote:
Another thing I am wondering......are we all thinking about dogs that should not be placed for whatever reason? Wither it be a bad temperament, fear bitter etc. What happens if these dogs are signed over to the county? Who is to say they wont be euthanized? Or worse placed in a home with whoever and have a bite incident. What if they place 2 males together or 2 girls that don't get along. Because we know animal control does not screen their people, if you have a pulse you can adopt your next pet. Even if people didn't approve of it, there was a method to what she has going over there. I'm just thinking they have had their schedules thrown off as far as feeding and who they are being kenneled with so what if they bloat or are exposed to diseases which we all know in Riverside County they have been exposed to parvo or whatever else is floating around our shelter. Whoever inherits these dogs is going to have to be extra careful not to expose their own dogs or others. So I would hope if Angel does not get them back one would at least consult with her because she knows her dogs best. I think we would all look worse as breeders or rescuers (if that is what you are worried about) if these dogs were placed in the wrong situation.

Just my thought.....

HarlequinDane@aol.com wrote:
One thing I have found with rescues is that when they get a Dane, or any other dog, it may not be in the best condition & it will take weeks or months to get it back into acceptable condition.-Scot, this is true enough. I think anyone who has done rescue (or just assisting on a one time basis) has been thru the 'stares' as they take a neglected dane in for vet care, and people can be very harsh with initial comments. All it takes is a simple question to get more info :)All that aside tho, I am sure many of us here have seen people - rescuer, breeder, good samaritan -- get in over their heads. It happens. In cases like that, I think if/when intervention occurs, compassion can still be extended w/o nailing someone to the door. Care for the animals that need it, and maybe limits do need to be set initially as a condition if they will be allowed to continue in whatever capacity they were operating with the animals. Sometimes things aren't near as bad as the media made it out to be, and other times - maybe they are and it can be in the animals best interest to be removed. These are just generalities, and not meant to apply specifically to this particular case/situation. Mrs EmeryGDCA/GDCNCFGDR NE Fla/GOPDC/ARPONEFhttp://www.cafepres s.com/gdcncf

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I am taking this right out of my saved emails so this one will also need to be read from the last post up.

Im going to try to answer this without being rude, I apologize if it comes off that way. I have sat back and watch people attack others and it makes me sick. I stopped breeding and showing because of it. I remember a while back when I was able to help Angel more we were actually looking for your rescue and could not find it. We needed help with Tracy's dogs because she had gotten into trouble with her numbers and neighbor problems. I saw a puppy of yours in the ring when I was still showing so you also breed you do rescue the very thing Angel was criticized for. I do not agree with everything that goes on there by all means we all try to do what works for us. I work and go to school so I am not able to help her all the time, while I was concerned with her needing help I am 24 and have a mortgage to make and bills to pay by myself, so as you now know I dont just sit at home and fire off emails. I am still trying to piece together all the facts as I did not see the news broadcast but how strange that news cameras were on standby for the visit........I was there when animal control made a visit last year for the kennel licensing they counted all the dogs and there were many and they told her all she needed were more fly bags. Like I said I have not been there in a few months but when I was there at the Markham property the kennels were clean. The property had brush that was cleared and in piles that needed to be removed but all was clean. There was always plenty of food. Animal control is on a power trip right now and they are after everyone.......that is a fact I got in trouble for having 6 dogs when ALL of my dogs are in the house and very well cared for I am now down to less. I also agree with the placing dogs to inside homes even though I am certain it can not always be done when so many are in rescue and how can we say we are not going to take in rescue dogs because we have to many in our house? I am not rationalizing or making excuses for what happened, she did not have enough help, bottom line there should have been more help but no funds for it that I understand. I am just hoping her dogs do not bloat while in the care of animal control because we all know the conditions those animals live in.


You are right and I am answering you privately as you requested in your post. I do not think that the showdane site is the right forum to defend or villify, etc. Angel.
This entire letter to you is my personal opinion and what I believe to be true based on the allegations, what I have personally read, the people that i have personally spoken with, the things I have personally seen and witnessed.
I do not personally have an ax to grind with Angel and we have always gotten along.
The problem that I have is that it seems like people are rationalizing and enabling her behavior and making excuses for it. There really is no excuse for having 92 dogs detained, several of which belonged to her personally...
Also, those dogs were in a vacant lot (in a field), not on a property with a home.
Plus, I do not feel that this is a case of a person simply getting "overwhelmed" because she was already involved with the courts because she has been convicted twice before for kennel violations. She made conscious decisions as to her behavior.
There is alot more to this than meets the eye and it saddens me deeply.
Angel could have asked any number of us for help if she needed it. She chose not to.
Neglect is neglect, regardless of the intention. (10 dogs might be "over your head", but 90 of them??? That is just ridiculous...how does anyone care for 90 dogs all at one time?).
Plus, if you breed/own/ exhibit danes, then you know all of the breeders (Angel included, I think) make a big deal about not allowing a person to purchase a dog unless the dog is allowed to live inside the home with the family, etc. But, Angel's own dogs were detained from the vacant lot...
The bottom line is that she was the responsible party to know her limitations and what constituted appropriate vs. neglectful behavior and she failed to act responsibly. She really should not have been involved in rescue with such poor judgment.
I am personally tired of the hypocrisy. How are we ever going to be respected as breeders, rescuers and exhibitors if our own breeder/rescuer is getting into this kind of trouble?
This absolutely ruins relationships between rescuers and shelters, political officials and breeders, etc. the public..
This type of behavior makes it bad for all of us, not to mention the dogs.
And, what about the dogs? They are sitting in a shelter (the very place that rescuers are supposed to be saving them from) simply because Angel refuses to release them to go to permanent, adoptive homes. Why would she refuse to release rescue dogs for adoption?
It does not make sense.
Anyway, like I said, I am not a friend nor am I an enemy of Angel. We have always gotten along and she has always been nice to me. But that does not mean that I am willing to enable behavior that is simply wrong.
I kept my opinions private and to you only, because I do not wish to demonize anyone, especially in a public forum. I do want to suggest that you look into the matter a little bit more before you defend alleged criminal behavior in a public forum. Just a word of caution because this might not work out very well for Angel and the final information that gets out there could reveal more things that she has done and you would not want people to associate you with that type of behavior...
And...I know some of the people that are trying to defend her and I know that they happen to neglectful towards dogs themselves...and some of them I know for sure are enablers. I don't know you at all and I would not judge you.
But, please be careful about defending someone that really owes the entire community an explanation and apology and should be releasing those dogs for adoption.
I hope that you take this in the spirit that it is intended. I am concerned about the situation and I do not have anything at all personal against Angel.
I would like to ask those individuals that are defending Angel's behavior and making comments about "if we had helped her before" etc. Why did you not help Angel?
Sarah...why didn't you help her? Why didn't Pat help her? Why didn't any of her friends help her? Why didn't you all give her money or house some dogs?
I think that the answer is simple...because she did not ask any of us for help.
That was her poor judgment and her decision.
I would have worked very hard to help her had she asked and I would have offered to help her (one on one) had I only known the situation she was in. I would not have given her money, though, and that is because I do not trust her or what she would have done with the money. No offense, but I don't give away money unless it can be accounted for...
People involved in rescue need to have the funds and resources in order to properly execute rescue work or they should not be doing it. If a person is waiting for a grant to come through...then she needs to wait to house/service the dogs until she has the money.
Responsible people only take on what they can handle and if they begin to have trouble, they ask for the appropriate help before it becomes a disaster.
It does not help the dogs if they have to be rescued from the rescuer...
I would have helped her find good homes for the dogs and I would have helped her place some dogs emergently and immediately. She chose not to ask...why?
Angel knew John and his rescue. She knew she could have asked him...
Why didn't she? Why won't she release these dogs for adoption?
Poor dogs. The dogs are the ones that suffer because people behave selfishly.
Please do not pass my e-mail on to anyone. This was a response to your post.
I stand behind anything I write, however, I do not wish to hurt anyone or cause angst.
Thank you for your obvious care and concern. I think that we all really do care and probably we all feel frustrated by the situation. I hope that somehow this can be a learning experience and that we can find a way to make it help with prevention.

herotgreatdanes wrote:
Sorry I was at work and in a hurry when I wrote my first reply. My name is Sarah and I showed with Angel in California she was willing to help me when I was young and new, ya know when you really need the help and no one wants to be bothered with you. She was an excellent teacher and taught me everything I needed to know about having a breeding program and handling. This is an unfortunate situation for all involved.Sarah

7/30/07 Showdanes Posting

The bottom post is the original post by Cynthia Neet the top post was my response on the Showdanes Yahoo! Group. (Please read the bottom post first) I didn't bother to remove any names or emails because this is my blog and I think everything should be out in the open. I guess I am evil in that way, if you will be ashamed later ... don't write it now! My post has been compared to "the shot heard around the world" because it opened up a huge situation for myself and many others who came to the defense of Angel and her dogs.

Here is the original Press Enterprise story about the dogs http://www.pe.com/localnews/inland/stories/PE_News_Local_S_dogs27.3ef18b6.html

herotgreatdanes wrote:
Maybe I am just being protective or I am still ignorant to all of the facts I havent been to Angels place for a couple months, but I read the article as it was emailed to me several times by different people I havent talked to in years. I think some people are getting ahead of themselves in this situation, nothing has been decided on the fate of these dogs yet. From the emails I have gotten in my private email it seems people are frothing at the mouth to take on Angels dogs, lol if only we were so anxious to take on the many more homeless danes and others that roam the streets. Like I informed animal control when I went to check on the dogs I have serious doubts that she will be releasing any of her danes until she is forced to do so. Maybe if this "help" would have been available to her sooner this incident would not have occurred, while some rescues are more fortunate with help and funds we need to remember that others are not and while I realize rescue is a choice or calling or whatever you would like to call it I am more interested in the facts and what is really going on. Animal Control in this area has been busting many breeders/rescues all over Riverside County not all have been so fortunate to have news cameras on stand by. I dont mean to critisize anyone or mean to come off rude but my mailbox is full of opinions and such I had to call to get actual details..... ...has anyone called Angel to see if she needs help or anything?... ..Im guessing a fair amount of followers of this story have not. I think we can all contribute a little more to the welfare of all of our rescues ....not just the ones we like or think are deserving. If having too many dogs is cruel I think we can all think of many breeders/exhibitors who are over their limit for thier area...is that cruel? I can safely say that the kennels at Animal Control are not always fit to be lived in. When I adopted my Basset Hound they were filthy, dogs were fighting and were not being separated, they had parasites and sick dogs were kenneled with the general population. I also think its funny we would continue to send Animal Control money when all it seems to do it remodle their lobby and worker areas, the kennels have looked the same way for years. While they have added about 10 outdoor kennels that measure about 5 x 10 (where angels dogs are being kept)the animal areas are the same, disgusting. I think its important to see where the money that is donated goes and I know I am not the only one who has asked that question. As far as money for meds and such to my knoledge none of the dogs were injured and she had a large supply of flea & tick medication so that shouldnt be a problem also if animal control needs food for these dogs im sure they can take it from the plentiful supply of Nutro that was there for them. Some of the dogs Angel was caring for actually belonged to other rescues that she was helping out.I think we also have to remember Angel lives in a rural area, those of us with horses and kennels with grain and food stored im sure have seen a mouse in their day and as the story goes on it gets better, it is my experience that things are sometimes taken out of context. So before any more judgemnts or comments are made why dont we wait for the ruling and facts to come in. If you would like to reply to this please send an email privately so we dont clog up the list. I am aware that this post is not going to change any minds that were made up before this incident but I think it needed to be said.-

-- In showdanes@yahoogrou ps.com, "timeofdane" wrote:>> Hello everyone.> John Neet and I run the Great Dane Rescue in Riverside and San Diego > counties. We have a website: www.danerescue. org and we are posting > information as we receive it from Riverside County. They are also > posting information on their website: http://www.rcdas.org/> The dogs that were detained from Angel are not currently up for > adoption because they are being held as evidence right now.> Also, Angel will need to sign releases for the dogs to be adopted.> If anyone is a friend to Angel, perhaps you could talk to her and > encourage her to sign releases so that these dogs can go to new homes.> I am not sure what will be happening with her case, etc. but I do > know that there are many of you that have been calling and writing > that are willing to provide homes to the dogs.> Also, a few of us might be getting together this weekend to volunteer > to wash or walk the dogs or whatever. We are waiting to hear from > the shelter if they need our help. It is my understanding that they > recently hired many people at this particular shelter and that they > might not need our help right now. Let us know if you want to help > too.> I do know that they need $$$ for meds, blankets, food, etc. The > address for donations is on our website. Maybe some of us should get > together and send a donation in a lump sum.> Anyway, please continue to check out our site and/or the Riverside > website and write a note to John if you have any questions.> Thanks...> Cynthia>

From The Beginning

I will begin with some background information on myself. My name is Sarah and I am currently working through my Pre-Vet units as well as a degree in Horse Ranch Management & Livestock Management from Mount San Antionio College. I also plan to apply to vet school in the near future. Since 2000, I have raised and shown Fawn and Brindle Great Danes under the kennel name of Herot. In 2002, I started Cherrybrook Farm Percherons. I am an avid believer of what's right is right and I am not afraid to stand up for my beliefs or the rights of people that have been wronged by those in a position of authority. With that said, many of the blogs and posts that will be listed on this site will be related to Riverside County Animal Control.