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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Has Our Justice System Failed?

There have been some interesting developments in my mom’s case that I find quite appalling. It seems the transcripts from our animal control post-seizure hearing have gone missing! Interesting enough the attorney that we hired for the hearing, Anne Cunningham, was supposed to have had a copy so we could file our civil suit to regain custody of our horses. So let me summarize this… animal control could not prove their seizure was legal (which it was not because the horses were not in our care at the time of the seizure), they have since gotten a judge to release custody of our horses so they could be adopted and/or euthanized (before the preliminary hearing was even started), and now they are keeping evidence out of court (transcripts, pictures, letters, etc.). They even have the arrest date wrong! They say that they arrested my mom in January 2008. Aside from the fact that my mom was NEVER arrested at all, after the harassment began in January we met with the director of Riverside County Animal Services, Rob Miller, Frank Corvino, and the veterinarian Dr. Drueseys in April and a letter was written stating there were no open cases pending. The horses weren’t even taken until June 2008, so how can someone be charged with a crime they haven’t even committed yet? Wouldn’t that be some swift detective work? So let me ask a question……am I the only one that sees how messed up our justice system has become? From the outside looking in is it not apparent what is going on here? Because my mom has to go to court tomorrow for a rearrangement on misdemeanor charge for a crime she didn’t commit.