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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10/16/08 MySpace Blog Post

And Justice For All…

How can you be told one thing in a hearing and in the next after the facts and past events have had time to stew decide to do something completely different and much more sinister. I feel utter disgust and helpless that the justice system is taking yet another turn to work against the civilians it was set up to protect and serve. The witness brought in to give testimony against us was completely unprepared for the hearing to me that speaks louder than her lies ever could. Clearly she was cut a deal- she starved out our horses to the point they were eating sand, dirt and worse- their own manure. As the report was read and she sat smugly across the table trying very hard not to look at me I found it very difficult to remain seated in my chair and composed- I wanted to rip her throat out. Our own government agencies have been working strenuously tipping over rocks to find people willing to sign false affidavits and statements regarding our horses. Statements made in our favor were simply not added in as evidence one receipt showing that we gave the ranch for hay was even thrown out because the ranch owner said she did not remember receiving such money. The thing that shakes my confidence the most is the fact that most of the hearing was conducted "off the record" and we were requested to leave the room so only our attorney was present on our behalf therefore if any issue came up we would not speak for the validity of the claim. Another "off the record" claim that was made "If Sarah hadn't written that letter to all of those officials we would not be perusing this matter with you criminally" this sounds a little like playground talk to me. We have not received the decision as of yet but at this point the reality and depth of the situation is beginning to sink in. The fact that I may never see my Freya and Thor again actually exists then I move onto the fact that they may not be able to be placed together which would simply devastate both of them as well as me. I am at a point I feel like I can't fight anymore because it seems like an endless battle that may have dire consequences for all involved, most of all my horses. The point was made that only two of the horses were actually in need to be seized from the ranch the other horses were just thin and taken at that time for the convenience of Animal Control so they would not have to return at a later date or contact us- the owner of the horses. Animal Control said they don't care who is responsible they want to keep the horses in their care until this case has completely reared its ugly head. Meanwhile our bill continues to accumulate at $12,000 and growing to be honest I am afraid to see what it has become now. $8,000 of that bill being overtime pay for Animal Control officers, namely the ones I requested to file complaints about back in January. Seem odd? Apparently I am the only one who thinks so.

The moral of this story boys and girls… if you stand up for yourself and what is right and speak out against corrupt government officials they will come at you with everything they've got in their hat and the hat of others who scratch their slimy backs. How can we trust a government that consistently lies to the people that keep it funded with our tax dollars? Who can this be reported to and an even bigger question… how does one put an end to the pettiness and fraud that takes place among those we elect and charge with the safekeeping and responsibility of our communities. I assume one day their arrogance will cloud their judgment and they will be caught in the act but will the people be brave enough to take a stand and overthrow the lowlifes and take back what was set up what was meant to be for the people and by the people. Not for wealth or privilege but for honesty, integrity and for what is right. This kind of behavior can not be allowed to continue.

I will post more as this saga continues.

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