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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

12/3/08 MySpace Blog Post

Corruption Runs Deep
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As many of you know I am in a never ending battle with Riverside County Animal Control that began with me writing a simple post to a message board in defense of a friend who had her dogs seized illegally with the help of Riverside County Sheriffs Department. Within 14 days of my posts being turned into Animal Control I recieved a visit Animal Control harrassing me about this and that I knew what it was about......Since then they have followed us to our new house and began harrassing us there with the help of you guessed it Riverside County Sheiffs Department. After the theft of my four goats and two pot-bellied pigs by an Animal Control Officer I decided to get pissed and I wrote a letter to every Government Official I could think of the Governor, Mayor of Riverside, all of the Riverside County Supervisors, the Senator for my district as well as the Director of Animal Services and his boss the Director of Public Health And Safety. In the end I was dicked around and many of these agencies decided that it was a "legal issue" and did not want to get involved you know incase I decide to sue. Our fabulous Governor had some slime in his office write me a letter stating they do not get involved in such things as it is not their duty (but hey remember good ole Arnold when voting season returns!) The director of Public Health and Safety told me that the Director of Animal Services was "A Good Boy" and he would not deal with me any further on this matter and would not allow me to file my complaints back in March when I requested.
Not the situation has snowballed and is completely out of control. My beloved hitch mare Haley whom I paid a great deal of money for has died because Animal Control Officers contacted every veterinarian in my area (Riverside County to be specific) so they did not want to get involved or treat my horse when she was sick. In turn I was forced to move her to another county to be seen by 2 different veterinarians unfortunately for Haley treatment came to late and she lost her life. We were forced to move again when our lease was terminated due to our harrassment and we had to board our horses. Animal Control found out where the horses were and advised the facility to starve our horses and were seized. We made several attempts to remove our horses from the boarding facility with no luck or help from authorities we were only told if we were caught trespassing we would be arrested. We continued to give the woman money for what was supposed to be for hay to feed our horses which is very apparent she was not doing. We watched in horror on the news as our horses were taken from the facility and into Animal Control care which is what they wanted all along.
A letter from a vet that saw all of our horses stated that they should all be returned to the owners (us) as they were just underweight with no other issues however Animal Control decided not to do that. By the time we recieved our hearing the bill for our horses was already topping $12,000 with $8,000 being overtime for Animal Control Officers specificlly the officers I attempted to file a complaint against. In our hearing the first day our attorney was told that we would be getting our horses back in incriments (there were 21 taken). By the next hearing we were told no we would not be getting them back and we would have to fight for them. Since then we have filed our appeals and formal charges have been brought against my mom for animal cruelty. Keep in mind California Law states that a boarding facility is fully responsible for animals in their care wither it be for veterinary care, farrier care or feeding regardless if the ower of the animals board is current or not which ours were. So how can this D.A (who also recied my package asking for help on 2/13/08) explain his case that my mom is responsible for what this woman did to our horses. I should also tell you this woman has never been and Animal Control nor the D.A is planning ANY charges for the way she treated our animals that were removed from her care. Also I should tell you that 2 of my moms Arabians valued between $5,000-$10,000 died in this womans care and she never showed any proof we have since discovered that she sold our horses to a rescue lady in Northern California and are trying to recover them.
Since this started Animal Control Officers have visited every feed store, veterinarian and friends of mine and asked them to sign false statements about the way we care for our horses. One feed store was threatened and agreed to the statement and will now be charged with purgery because we save all of our feed bills. Our farrier wrote a letter on our behalf and is now being harrassed by Animal Control about his cattle. A friend of mine that runs a dog rescue has also been targeted and was forced to shut down her rescue when officers threatened to make an example out of her as well. Where will it end?? Our attorney was told that the only reason Animal Control is coming after my mom was because of the letters I wrote to my local Government Agencies apparenlty someone was paying attention and decided to make some phone calls (whoever you are I am gratefull) getting Animal Control a slap on the wrist.
I am not done. I am completely stressed and when I am stressed I become inspired I save every detail because to me details are important. I have begun research on Animal Control harrassing tax payers just trying to live their lives. They are wrongfully seizing aniamals and ruining lives. We had show horses that were kept in show condition except for the winters (when they got their fuzzy coats- we lived in an area with snow) our horses now run the risk of being euthanized if we do not get them back....thats right they will NOT be placed and Animal Control has already told me they do not have the budget to maintain them. They are currently being housed at some scumbag boarding facility in Homeland (Juniper Flatts area) which as anyone that lives in Riverside County knows the Sheriffs Department does not like to respond to calls there because its a rough neighborhood to put it nicely. We have not been allowed to visit or even make sure they have all of our horses or the ones they say they have are even ours. We are just supposed to take their word for it and pay the bill.
Moral of my post: stand up for yourself and others dont just blow things off because it doesnt effect you because one day the long arm of the government will be telling you its bedtime and if you can go for that sunday drive to the mountians you love so much. The corruption needs to be sought out and delt with remember these are elected officials it was US that voted them into the postition of authority they are now abusing....TAKE IT AWAY!!! Before it is too late and you loose everything that is dear to you ...so you dont end up writing a post like mine believe me ....I dont play the helpless victim well the next time I ask Riverside County Animal Control any questions it will be infront of news cameras hopefully standing next to my horses!

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