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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1/24/08 MySpace Blog Post

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So after a week of hell I am ready to let go and talk about my experiences. As most of you know I was moving and going to court....great fun. In the midst of all of this moving 27 yes...27 horses, my dogs, my moms dogs, 3 fishtanks, 4 birds.....and all of our shit with just me and my mom doing this. Ok with that said I know I left out some animals....thats because when we went back to get them, they were GONE!!!!!

The new tennant of the old house is a major tweaker....you know what I think that shit sucks, it ruins families but hey to each their own. He started talking shit and giving us a hard time so I got pissed. Not just annoyed as usual but off the wall rampage pissed. Originally I was told that Animal Control came and took the animals. I called they say they dont have them then I think WTF where are my 4 goats and 2 pot bellied pigs??? I was able to find out that there is a crazy "rescue" lady across the street and she took it upon herself to take my animals and adopt them out. I go to her house because I am feeling crazy and what do I see...5 of my dog crates(I used to show dogs remember), worth about $150 each this lady stole them. So I put them in my car and go back to the tweaker to get her phone number. I call this lady and she says she doesnt know where my animals are....WRONG ANSWER. I go balistic and I tell her I have already filed a police report and she needs to find out where she took them. About 5 mins later I get a call back from her telling me she found my goats and gave me his number. So I get my goats back which by the way might be bred because this guy mixed them in with males. nice huh....so pretty much my goats were raped. Whatever then that lady calls me back and says the guy with my piggies told her Animal Control said he could keep my piggies. So I call A.C of course they dont call me back. I left almost a dozen messages over the weekend and I was out with the sheriff until 10:30 at night at the crazy animal rescue house. Monday was a holiday just my luck but no worries I went to A.C anyway and made a scene until they called the direct at home and woke him up. Moving on.....I am told a supervisor is going to call me to find out what happened because Livestock are considered personal property and I reported them stolen. Yes I made the sheriff laugh too but you know what.....I dont care they are my animals and they were taken illegaly. I have since had 2 meetings with the director of A.C because the guy with my pigs refuses to give them back saying A.C was involved telling him to take them. So this afternoon I went down there and had to make the director talk to the sheriff because they could not coordinate this conversation on thier own. So now it looks like I will finally get Wally & Suzie-Q back! I will let you know what happens. There will be a formal investigation into what happened. A.C is harrasing to many people and I find it hard to belive that they had nothing to do with it when 3 different people had this officers name. I have gotten the ball rolling. Has this happened to anyone you know??? I am hearing stories all over now of A.C taking animals illegally it needs to stop, what do they need with my animals??

*Update*1/25/08 I got home last night to find a new notice from A.C on my door...it seems the sheriff got our new address for them. The sheriff called my mom yesterday and told her A.C was at our house. So now im wondering is it comon practice for A.C to let the sheriff know where they are going or will this harassment continue???? Post your comments. I want to know what people are thinking.

I also spoke with the sheriff who is working on getting my pigs back (a different divison than listed above) and he said the guy with the pigs is claiming A.C has a pending investigation against me.....I called A.C they are saying they never told him that because there isnt a pending investigation. WTF is going on here???

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