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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

8/1/07 Showdanes Post

herotgreatdanes@yahoo.com wrote:
Another thing I am wondering......are we all thinking about dogs that should not be placed for whatever reason? Wither it be a bad temperament, fear bitter etc. What happens if these dogs are signed over to the county? Who is to say they wont be euthanized? Or worse placed in a home with whoever and have a bite incident. What if they place 2 males together or 2 girls that don't get along. Because we know animal control does not screen their people, if you have a pulse you can adopt your next pet. Even if people didn't approve of it, there was a method to what she has going over there. I'm just thinking they have had their schedules thrown off as far as feeding and who they are being kenneled with so what if they bloat or are exposed to diseases which we all know in Riverside County they have been exposed to parvo or whatever else is floating around our shelter. Whoever inherits these dogs is going to have to be extra careful not to expose their own dogs or others. So I would hope if Angel does not get them back one would at least consult with her because she knows her dogs best. I think we would all look worse as breeders or rescuers (if that is what you are worried about) if these dogs were placed in the wrong situation.

Just my thought.....

HarlequinDane@aol.com wrote:
One thing I have found with rescues is that when they get a Dane, or any other dog, it may not be in the best condition & it will take weeks or months to get it back into acceptable condition.-Scot, this is true enough. I think anyone who has done rescue (or just assisting on a one time basis) has been thru the 'stares' as they take a neglected dane in for vet care, and people can be very harsh with initial comments. All it takes is a simple question to get more info :)All that aside tho, I am sure many of us here have seen people - rescuer, breeder, good samaritan -- get in over their heads. It happens. In cases like that, I think if/when intervention occurs, compassion can still be extended w/o nailing someone to the door. Care for the animals that need it, and maybe limits do need to be set initially as a condition if they will be allowed to continue in whatever capacity they were operating with the animals. Sometimes things aren't near as bad as the media made it out to be, and other times - maybe they are and it can be in the animals best interest to be removed. These are just generalities, and not meant to apply specifically to this particular case/situation. Mrs EmeryGDCA/GDCNCFGDR NE Fla/GOPDC/ARPONEFhttp://www.cafepres s.com/gdcncf

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