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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

8/1/07 Showdanes Post

im sorry I thought that post was going private

HarlequinDane@aol.com wrote:
In a message dated 8/1/2007 4:18:01 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, herotgreatdanes@yahoo.com writes:
I wont feel bad about anything that I say about animal control they are out harrassing people that should be left alone and driving right past animals in desperate need of help.
Sarah, I know it often feels like an uphill and losing battle - but have you and others tried to address these issues ? This link shows a few CA related lists, maybe you can network with others to try and stay aware of shelters like this, legislation, trying to work from within ? http://pet-law.com/statelists.html We have the same issues here in FL, some counties are RABID about shutting down ALL breeders and even rescuers :( It has become a time consuming task, but we have hopped on board to keep track of our local communities and the state and try and prevent AR types from taking over altogether.

Mrs EmeryGDCA/GDCNCFGDR NE Fla/GOPDC/ARPONEFhttp://www.cafepress.com/gdcncf

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