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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Angel Gets Her Dogs Back Posted 11/9/07

I know I told a bunch of you what happened and you all saw the news post etc. What you have not seen is the faces behind what happened. This is Nicky BISS Ch. Camelot's Nicholas V Rojon pictured at 7 years old. Yes he is an AKC Champion and Best In Specialty Show Winner meaning that he went to a Dog Show with only Great Danes entered and was the best one there. In tough California Competition. He was one of the dogs seized from Animal Control a couple months ago. He was kenneled with several other adult un-altered males and from the looks of it barely escaped with his life. There where pictures taken of Nicky just before he went into Animal Control custody...he DID NOT look like that. These are gaping, untreated wounds. Why did animal control not remove him from the kennel at once? Why was he allowed to loose so much weight and WHY was he not treated?? I don't know about everyone else but I would like to see these questions publicly answered seeing as this is the agency that wants to tell us all how we should be treating our animals. I will post more pictures when I get them.

I have also included a couple of the pictures I took when I vistited the "Shelter" the day after the Danes were seized.
This is what I found:
-Filthy kennels -
-Several Intact (Un-Neutered) males housed together and fighting
-Feces smeared on food dishes that the animals were expected to eat out of
-Sick animals in with the general population
-Ticks, Fleas, Internal Parasites (Worms)
-Thin animals here A.C gets food donated and they dont even feed it
-Some of the dogs were wet from the "spray down" inside the kennels which only makes the poop runny and more of a mess then they have to lay in a cold and wet kennel.

Please forward this post as you see fit, I think it is important for people to know what really happens at the "Humane Society"

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