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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

8/1/07 Email With Cynthia Neet

I agree, the facilities could have been better, when I lived in Riverside I was there a lot and things were ok. I moved past Temecula and I cant get out as much with work. I have never met you, the bitch I saw was Black I forget who she was owned by she was young when I stopped showing I could find one of my catologs but I dont recall off hand I remember the name because I knew he did rescue and I thought it was odd when people were jumping on Angel for breeding and doing rescue when they never were intermixed. Thats all. The facility I was at had a mobile on it.....maybe she moved I knew she was planning on it.


Cynthia Neet wrote:
Don't be fooled.
I don't think that you know who I am. What puppy are you talking about? John Neet had and has a rescue that he has had for many years. Angel knows him. I know for a fact that there were rescue people over the past few months that have tried to help Angel and she flatly refused. I was at the Markham property and I can tell you that it was definitely not o.k.
I saw it for myself. A vacant lot in heat over 100 degrees (without water) is not o.k. I am aware that Angel is telling people that there was water...but there was not.
Regardless of all of that...I don't have a problem with Angel.
I also know Tracy and all of the shenanigans that goes on with their enterprise...
I have been there too.
Don't you think that there is something wrong with a breeder/rescuer that keeps 90 dogs (including her own show dogs) in a vacant field?
There is something really, really wrong with all of this and not fair to the dogs.
I think that we need to find a way to prevent this type of mismanagement/neglect from going on in the future. I don't think that you are rude. I think that you are well meaning and that you have seen the good sides in the people we are talking about. I have too. But, I have also seen the bad sides and I feel very sorry for the dogs. We need to find a way to improve all of this. Don't you agree?

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