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Monday, December 21, 2009

Justice For Cubby

Last Saturday was a very sad day. Cubby lost his life after he was viciously attacked by neighbor dogs that broke down his fence and entered into his yard. However, this brutal attack could have been prevented if only Riverside County Animal Services would have done their jobs. Cubby’s owner had made numerous calls to animal control that went unanswered. On one occasion an animal control officer actually told Cubby’s owner “Oh that’s just Chauncy, here is his phone number go over and talk to him about it.”

Chauncy is the owner of Jerassik Park Kennels http://jurassikparkkennels.com/, a pit bull kennel. He must have a friend in Animal Control because numerous complaints were made by his neighbors, and ALL of them went unanswered.

In the past the dogs were in Cubby’s yard and destroyed patio furniture, however, this time it would be much worse. Cubby went outside (which should have been in the protection of his own back yard) and was immediately attacked. The owner’s husband was also mauled in his attempt to save Cubby’s life. The owner ran outside to assist her husband, and with little Cubby in her arms, was chased through her own home by the culprit dogs.

In total, 3 dogs attacked the tiny Pomeranian pulling his hip from the socket and fracturing many of his ribs. After being rushed to an emergency hospital, being placed on oxygen, and treated for sock little Cubby lost his battle and died during surgery.

When Animal Control went out the Chauncy’s dogs were in the house where Police and Animal Control did not have access. Later, only after Cubby’s owner reported his death and demanded action did animal control go back to Jerassik Park Kennels and seize the animals. One of the dogs actually tried to attack the Animal Control Officer through a window; clearly these dogs do not come from sound temperaments.

As a pit bull owner myself, I am saddened by this because yet again pit bulls have been made villains when I know as a breed they are not. The fact is bad ownership and these dogs will pay the ultimate price with their lives. It is a sad day for bully owners everywhere as once again we must defend our breed and our beloved pets against the degenerates and bad owners.

The fact remains that if Riverside County Animal Services would have done their jobs this accident could have been prevented and little Cubby would have been spared. If we are not safe in our own backyards or homes…..where can we seek refuge?

It’s interesting how Animal Control decides who get immunity and who gets harassed. I am hoping this act does not go unnoticed.

UPDATE: Apparently the act is going to go unpunished the dogs are home and a hearing will be held Tuesday December 22, 2009 at 2:00pm at Riverside Animal County Services building on Jurupa. Meanwhile, the culprit dogs are at home, and the man responsible is refusing to take responsibility and pay the vet bills for Cubby. Are you kidding me? I can think of a few people who had all of their dogs seized and charged with animal cruelty for less that the actions of this Chauncy! Sad to say this story will end up being a “Bad Pit Bull Story” rather than a SCUMBAG OWNER OF THE YEAR STORY or ONCE AGAIN ANIMAL CONTROL IS COVERING UP THE TRUTH STORY!!!

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