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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Because It Needed To Be Said

So it has come to my attention that some "rescue" has started up again with the chatter about Angel and her rescue efforts. I decided to add this post because I think these followers and gossip girls (and guys) need to think of it another way. There is a Great Dane rescue in San Diego owned by a man named Renee and I know he is in with John and Cynthia Neet these are the people who I am told called Riverside County Animal Control and told them that I was "harboring" some of Angel's dogs. Silly people! Angel's dogs have not been at my home since 2001, so I have to say I was shocked when Animal Control came out and searched my home. Now let me try to appeal to your conscious (if you have one) YOU are a show person as I am, YOU are over your dog limit, so how would you feel if someone called animal control on your friend Renee and in an act of defending your friend you were thrown into the cross hairs of animal control? I am well aware of the bite incidents that have taken place on your property as are many other exhibitors but the fact remains accidents happen. If I may quote an animal control officer from the Riverside puppy mill ordeal "people have their good days and their bad days." We met briefly at the Santa Barbara show and I was pleasant, but the situation has gotten far out of control, and when quality of lives are being ruined over a misunderstanding, or lack of things to do at home the gossip needs to come to an end. I am asking you to step back and take a long hard reflection of what you (John & Cynthia Neet/Renee) have done and realize that while today it may be Angel that is in the "hot seat" so to speak....tomorrow it may be you. May you be the one who is harassed at any animal function you and animal control happen to be at(such as the pet expo where the took pictures of me at a friends booth), you may be the one having surveillance pictures taken of you IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD!, have your animals mistreated and taken away, and you may be constantly harassed in your new county for helping a friend. Believe that, what comes around goes around and with the attitude you have been throwing around you are making quite a name for yourself as well...let's put it this way I don't even show as much as I used to and I am aware of your practices. The bottom line is you can hire all the top handlers you want but in the end you are who you are and YOU have to live with what you do to others. Angel has superior pedigrees, therefore, if you want what she has BREED BETTER DOGS- did you ever really think you would end up with her dogs?

The fact of the matter is, as animal owners/lovers/breeders if we allow this to happen to one exhibitor who's to say it can't happen to ALL of us? Where will the line be drawn and how is it decided who is a friend of Animal Control or a foe? Angel is always willing to help ANYONE- no questions asked and expecting nothing in return. You can only burn so many bridges before you find yourself alone on an island. What would happen to the canine rescue community if facilities like Tracy Ward (Gentle Giants) and Angel's (Dane Haven) go away? Is your San Diego based rescue prepared to take on all of these dogs? Some of them are sad to say homely, abused, scared, sick, special needs? In rescue, you can't rely on only having the pretty perfect Danes needing homes- No! The ones that need the most help are the ones that were in the shelter 2 weeks ago - you know the one, brindle boy, maybe a year old- was it someone from your group that picked him up only to have him euthanized because he had Wobbler's? I was willing to foster that boy and in fact I was on my way to get him, but I guess someone thought it was more important to kill him because he wasn't perfect. God knows there are plenty of rescue dogs to go around so why are you fighting over some while leaving others homeless? Is it really necessary to belittle the actions of others to make yourself feel better?


  1. Hi Sarah,
    My husband wanted me to keep repeating how Riverside Animal Control and their gang of vigilante volunteers goes around stealing horses from people 'they have a vendetta against.'
    The insane nightmare caused by the malice and corruption of agent lesley heunnekens has been so disruptive that I even forgot about the theft of Black Beauty, another one of our rescue horses. this happened about a month before the illegal seizure of all of our horses by Heunnekens and her friend Joice Dietlin.
    prior to the other friend of Riverside animal Control, Jason lopez, starving our horses, they were some of the best looking horses in Riverside County. I have photos taken at our ranch in Oak Rigde ranch 2 months before we moved them to Jason and Scott Walker's ranch.
    Joice Dietlin is a local Anza drunk and thief. In the 2 months that she had access to our horses she was stealing our hay, grain, tools -and even my husbands handicapp plackard, the horses went down hill again. Joice was given access to our horses by her friend, Dottie, who lived next door to where we moved our horses after heunnekns stole Franklin's Race Horse on April 19, 2008. I am going to post Buddy and heunnekens info on netposse as you suggested. Buddy was injured the day he was the favorite in a $50,0000 stakes race. Heunnekens goes around telling people who had access to our horses that they could steal or sell our horses! The person who stole Black Beauty went to jail for stealing our horse. We did not press charges so he will testify about Animal control telling him to sell horses. The horse was recovered. AND there is another police report regarding animal control and stealing horses. What is going on with Riverside DA and County Counsel? Prosecuting us because their animal killing agency figured out that stealing and selling live horses is an easy way to make money. especially with the DA and County Counsel to file charges against the victims. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!

  2. Hi again,
    Just found some contracts with the County Of Riverside generated by Robert Miller and signed by County Counsel Jinny Ra. And the magic number of $50,000 comes again. This contract is for a Vetrinarian to handle spays and neuters when the regular staff is on vacation, etc. That Vet also has a contract with Orange county. The real interesting thing is that he contracted with the county for $24,999. Jinny Ra and Robert Miller both signed the amendment for a retroactive doubling of his fee to $50,000 for july 1, 2007 to june 30 2008. This amendment was signed by ms. Ra on June 14, 2008!!!! Now isn't that weird? A contract is a CONTRACT! It is next to impossible to change a contract. That is the purpose of a Contract. To protect against changes. So give me another break!!!! Dr. Manclark agreed to provide the "overflow" Veterinary services for (originally $10,000)This was quickly incresed to $24,000. But for Robert Miller and Jinny Ra to Step in and retroactively increase the contract from $24,999 to $50,000 just 2 weeks before the contract ended sounds like fraud to me.
    Dr. Manclark also has the contract in Orange County which made a similar jump to $130,000. I called Dr. Manclarks office in Corona Del Mar (Orange County) and the receptionist said he sold that practice. Now I don't pretend to know how much money Dr. Manclark is actually earning. What I have a serious problem with is County Counsel Jinny Ra and Head of Riverside Animal Services, Robert Miller, both signing the request to retroactively increase the contract payment to Dr. Manclark after the fact. Contract Law should protect Riverside County Tax Payers from this type of extortion. It is also Jinny Ra who signed the complaint against my husband and myself for felony animal cruelty following the illegal unnoticed seizure of our horses and dogs by horse theif Animal control agent lesley heunnekens. 3 of our horses were stolen with Heunnekens help. 2 of them were recovered. But the $30,000 Thoroughbred Race Horse Stallion remains at large. But since the theft was witnessed, I am confident that our Race horse will be returned soon. Horse theft is still horse theft - even if Sgt heunnekens arranges it.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I wish you would contact me. A lot has happened.
    My e mail is "riversidehorses@me.com"
    We found out who is doing ALL this. My daughter's EX-girlfriend. This woman - google her - Tryce czyczynska (teawithtryce@yahoo.com) went on an all out vendetta against us with Lesley Heunnekens when she was DUMPED by our daughter. Tryce and Heunnekens know know each other from some "back yard" Arab ranch. Any way, my husband told this old pervert - Tryce - that she was too old for our daughter who was in her early 20's when tryce latched onto her. Tryce is a pushing 50 professional dominatrix who even has a "slave" - her best friend - a male who crawls on all fours with a colar and leash. Tryce also encouraged our daughter to work at strip clubs TO MAKE MONEY FOR TRYCE and to smoke cigarettes. Tryce was also told she was a bad influence on our daughter. Tryce also has a "good" side which you caN see by googling her. She has a radio show and writes for SDNN and charges large fees for her feng shue work. The appauling thing is that
    Tryce also lives on welfare claiming she is unable to work due to mental and physical problems because her older brother had intercourse with her from infancy. This is most likely another insane lie by czyczynska in order to get welfare. her brother is a very successful engineer in Washington State and has a nice family.
    What is amazing to me is that the DA has used czyczynskas sick lies to prosecute us. I only found out about this by firing my latest "Conflict Panel" attorney, Jaki Andrews. It is sooooo obvious that All these goons - aka - officers of the court are attempting to railroad us due to the hallacious FACTS of this case.
    The INCOMPETANT VIGILANTES who got paid around $70,000 to "care" for our horses ARE FRIENDS OF HEUNNEKENS AS WELL. I found out by subpoening field notes from animal control that they murdered my favorite horse, Aragon. I found Aragon at the killers in 1989, tied to the truck to be shipped to Texas for slaughter. HE TURNED OUT TO BE A SWEDISH Warmblood By the world famous Stallion Garrant. Aragon became an incredible Dressage champion with us. the idiots who were entrusted with his care by animal control NEVER cleaned his sheath in almost 2 years. ANY Ordinary horse person knows that geldings NEED thier sheaths cleaned regularly. Poor Aragon suffered unbelievably because of this ignont negligence. The "bean" which forms from SEVERE negligence became so large that Aragon began to bleed and could not urinate. The small animal vet - dr. druyses knows next to nothing about horses. He called this cancer and the treatment consisted of putting fly spray on his penis 3 times a day. they then murdered him simply because the fly spry did not solve the OBVIOUS Problem of a filthy sheath and a bean which had become huge due to this ignornce. I SUFFER HORRIBLY THINKING OF HOW MUCH pAIN MY BEAUTIFUL HORSE WAS IN BECAUSE OF THESE PSYCHO VIGELANTE GOONS. Call me or email me. Hope you are doing OK