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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Aftermath: The Lies Continue

You know Riverside County wasn't happy when a report showed that they had the poorest quality of drinking water. In fact, they are now out to prove the report was completely flawed. So what makes them different from me as far as a truth seeking mission goes? Nothing. As you can see by their newly redone(is that where the donation money goes?)web page animal control wasted no time revealing the pending case against Angel White. I can say that I am disgusted by this article by The Press Enterprise the facts are no accurate at all. First of all, the property was NOT in Woodcrest it was in Mead Valley which I am sure the residents of Woodcrest would be happy to point out to Mr. Barrie! Next, the temperature was 140?! Really??? 140 degrees? I don't think so, how about 114 at least that is what animal control said. Next, no running water... let me get this right the dogs were there for 2 years without water? Wow! Those must be some hardy dogs. I tip my hat to them! Being as there was a flourishing nursery next door I doubt that there was a lack of water on the property. And WTF exactly will she be counseled for? How to deal with getting railroaded because she wasn't interested in "being with animal control" and lying? I called Steven Barrie and left a message, but I have not gotten a return phone call. I think anyone reading this story should also call him or his editor and ask for a retraction of this highly exaggerated story. I don't mind if you want to print the truth...but this is NOT the truth. 140 degrees....lol does it get that hot on the plains of Africa?

Woman with 92 dogs on Woodcrest property is convicted of animal cruelty

10:00 PM PST on Monday, December 14, 2009

The Press-Enterprise

A Woodcrest woman who was arrested in 2007 and had 92 dogs impounded from her property, including about 40 Great Danes, was convicted Monday of a dozen misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

The conviction of Antonia Angel White, 51, in Riverside County Superior Court came after a five-day trial, court records show.

White was arrested July 26, 2007, after two years of effort by the county Department of Animal Services to get her to treat in a humane manner scores of dogs she claimed were rescues, said John Welsh, spokesman for Animal Services.

Animal control officers discovered White's makeshift -- and unlicensed -- kennel on April 26, 2007, when they went to answer an unrelated call at a bordering property in the Woodcrest area south of Riverside, said Tammy Bellmonte, the Animal Services Department's captain of field operations.

They found 83 dogs living in unsanitary conditions, Bellmonte said. There was no house or running water on the property, and the ground temperature at the kennel was measured at 140 degrees.

"Most of the smaller-breed dogs were in various stages of heat distress, and most had no water," Bellmonte said.

On that and subsequent visits, White was ordered to improve the situation, get the dogs vaccinated and not take in any more.

After officers determined White had not complied, they impounded 92 dogs. Sheriff's deputies arrested White and she was cited, booked and released.

White's sentencing date has not been set, but Welsh said it's rare for people to get jail time in these cases.

"Normally what we get is three years probation, an order that she can't own animals, an order that she get psychological counseling and that she pay restitution costs," Welsh said.

Reach Steven Barrie at 951-368-9466 or sbarrie@PE.com

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  1. I just read this story for the first time. What a crock. The real problem is that Animal Control cannot handle the FACT that ANgel was taking better care of 92 dogs on her OWN while they go over their new $21 million dollar budget by $3.9 Mil and still kill 10's of thousands of animals each year. I want to start a campaign to hire Angel and FIRE ROBERT MILLER. I'll bet Angel would do an incredible job, She could most likely get it done for a smal fraction of the insane budget that is now being squandered by Animal control!!!
    TREA, Aragon, Zama, Buddy, Black Beauty, Molly, Kellerick, Dusty, Peter, Darwin, Ruby, Becky and (IN MEMORY) Walkinpark - murdered by Riverside Animal Control