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Monday, June 1, 2009

"The Case of the Headless Horse"

I finally got a chance to watch this video and I have to say I was a little more disgusted than I was when I read the story. I decided to share it because I think it goes to show what a hypocrite Dr. Druseys and the gang really are. The good doctor made fabulous quotes such as "Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you can go and try to change it." That is interesting Mr. Druseys...isn't that exactly what you and the other folks over at animal control do? How do you explain the new Mandatory Spay/Neuter program and Mandatory Microchipping for animals in Riverside County? I do believe you were part if not all of the brains behind these operations am I right? Stop me when I lie, but aren't your officers seeking out those they don't like and making great attempts to make their lives miserable? It is entertaining to say the least to see who gets arrested and who is immune in the case of Angel White- 2 volunteers (one who sat on the rescue board with Angel and Rob Miller) were arrested just for being there. But witnesses who did nothing to stop the man from hacking up that horse, who also witnessed cruelty going on for months was allowed to remain free. I am not attacking this witness I am just pointing out inconsistencies. The problem is Animal Control has not been held accountable for too long. The arrogance of having these seizure stories put into the paper will one day backfire on you when some individual (or hopefully many) begins to ask questions. Not to worry though, im sure an officer will be send over right away to threaten them or seize their animals. Soon, people will no longer have pets for fear that animal control will come knocking, or the pets we choose to adore will become illegal......then your little jobs will be obsolete. Is that your goal? To have no purpose? But then I guess it doesn't matter to you- aren't you a stand in-mayor somewhere?

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