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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just A Note

I received a comment that said if I spent as much energy with my horses as I did this blog I might still have them. I found this remark interesting ... I can only imagine that the author of the post (who chose to remain anonymous) was someone from animal control or the like. All I have to say to you is it was very easy for you to get on the stand and lie, it was easy for you to falsify documents and get others to go along with your story, but when the truth comes out which I am most certain that it will, where will you be? I hope everyone involved that chose to lie and deceive gets what they deserve and not only looses their job but is finally held accountable for all of the wrong they have caused. If this poster was not from animal control then I would suggest that they get their facts straight it will make it a little less embarrassing later on. It seems silly until it happens to you...then it is very real. And by the way....I spend maybe 5 minutes a week on this blog - I spent many hours with my horses everyday until this happened. I'm glad you took the time and energy to read my stupid little blog, obviously. So THANK YOU!

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