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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I began this blog in frustration over what was happening to us, and our friend. As time went on I came to know others that were victims of the same situation. I am now understanding that it is not myself or my mother that is a victim, but our horses. Animal Control is using animals as pawns to hurt those who stand against them. As they once told Angel, "You are either with us, or against us." I only wanted to stand up for a friend because I thought it needed to be said. Never in a million years did I think that I would place myself or my animals in the crosshairs of a vendetta. I feel completely defeated and weak at this moment because I have lost everything and gained nothing. I am devastated at the realization that I will never see my Thor and Freya again, and I know I will unconsciously look at farms and pastures as I pass hoping to catch a glimpse of them. I am empty and feel as if I cannot live without them. So I make my plea, if you have one of our horses PLEASE give us the opportunity to have them back. I do not know what you were told when you adopted them, or what you may think of us personally because of what you read in the papers. We were never asked for our side of the story, so please if you have doubts ask us. We are happy to talk to anyone, show pictures of the life we shared with our horses before our nightmare began.

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    After 685 days and 43 continuances and NO REAL CONTACT WITH the court appointed attorneys (from harmon and gretch's contract to supply defense counsel to defend people victimized by Riverside's criminals who work for the county of Riverside)We were FORCED to plead to Misdemeanors. Our attorneys came to court WITH NO TRIAL BRIEFS, NO WITNESS LIST AND ABSOLUTELY NO DEFENSE EVIDENCE. BOTH ATTORNEYS LIED TO US ABOUT THE PLEA, SO Franklin agreed to plea because both attorneys GUARANTEED AND PROMISED HIM that there was ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCE TO THE PLEA AND IT WOULD COMPLETELY OPEN THE DOOR FOR OUR CIVIL CASE!!! I refused to plea and demanded the jury trial. We came back after lunch, even though the jury was ordered back -the jury did not return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I questioned the judge and also got Franklin to question the loss of our freedom from unprovoked searches. Franklin was guaranteed that this would not happen and that they would remove that from the plea. My attorney kept hammereing me after both attorneys and the judge spent 2 one hour sessions in chambers. My attorney stated I had no defense and would be convicted and would spend 1 to 5 years in jail. I asked for my defense witnesses and photographs and the d.a. - tory nasiff - lesley heunnekens buddy - tossed the photos of our horses on the table. she did not have the photos taken by animal control a month before they went to jason lopez. My attorney had NOTHING. and nothing was given to the court. So I decided under GREAT EXPRESSED DURESS TO SIGN THE PLEA.
    My attorney grabbed it out of my hand as soon as I signed it. But he left the pleading on the table. I took it and started to read it. My attorney grabbed it. I held onto it and he tried to get it out of my hands. We struggled long enough for me to fear he would accuse me of something so I let it go. BUT I READ WHAT IT SAID: iT IS VERY LIKELY THAT D WILL BE CONVICTED..." WTF....
    When we got home, i looked at the signed plea. Instead of 1 page with the signature on it, which I read every word of, another page turned up with many many changes made after we signed signed the signature page. they even added many extra punishments on the page which we signed. this is provable because all the changes are in carbon and definitely were not on the page when we signed.
    So I filed an appeal the next day, May 3, 2011.
    On May 4, Franklin got a call from 1 of he MANY witnesses - who weren't notified to testify - that there was an article in the paper - submitted by lesley heunnekens - that we had been CONVICTED. She also called us an ANZA couple - WER NEVER LIVED IN ANZA. SHE ACTUALLY SAID WE MOVED OUR HORSES IN ORDER TO AVOID HER. iMPLYING THAT WE WERE MOVING OUR HORSES SO WE COULD GET AWAY WITH ABUSING THEM. SHE REALLY IS NUTS ON TOP OF BEING A MALICIOUS LIAR.
    When Franklin found out about the article, he demanded to withdraw his plea and go to trial. Since the lawyers are only protecting the county instead of any type of defense, I don't know what the next move is going to be.
    I am going to the FBI tomorrow, Monday, May 9, to update them on the case as well as a few other "moves."