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Monday, October 5, 2009

Animals Owned by Man Facing Cruelty Charges Removed Some Stolen,Others Placed into Protective Custody

I know I have posted on this before, but I am going to say it again. I have nothing but disust for animal control and thier "efforts" to proceed in these cases where animals have been seized. Do I need to remind everyone that animal controls way of using the animals as evidence is to discard of the animals BEFORE a prelim has even been conducted. That was the way it happened in my moms case! Our horses were given to animal control by a judge that had no clue what was going on in our case. The judge that is normally assigned to our case looked about as disgusted when he questioned animal control a couple months down the road when the prelim began. Do I also need to remind everyone that animal control left these animals on the mans property with no food, or anyone to care for them. Anza is a rough place with all sorts of predators that could have gotten these animals. I remember getting emails from people begging for help up there when animal control dropped the ball. They spend several hours making sure all of our horses were taken, and when they seized Angel White's Great Danes not a dog was left behind- even if it ment charging the owners with overtime for these officers! I believe my moms overtime charges we $8000!!! Also by judging from the pictures of Nikki (also on this blog) there is no such thing as protective custody in the hands of animal control. Why is it ok for animal control to steal animals, but when it happens to them they don't like it? Play fair kids! lol I took this from the Riverside County Animal Control's website

On Wednesday, Animal Services officers discovered that some individuals claiming to be “rescue groups” removed animals (dogs, birds, cats, goats) from a property owned by Jack Ziniuk.

Mr. Ziniuk is facing animal cruelty charges and remains in custody.

The removal of the animals is a violation of state law. All these animals were taken illegally, said Animal Services Director Robert Miller.

Animal Services officers responded to the Anza property Wednesday afternoon to collect the remaining animals and placed them in protective custody.

All the animals – those in Animal Services’ custody, plus those stolen from the Anza residence – are the property of Mr. Ziniuk.

Animal Services is working with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to locate the illegally removed animals. A sheriff's deputy cited one woman for possession of stolen property and grand theft on Thursday afternoon in the Anza area.

“It's very important that the public have faith in its animal control professionals,” Miller said. “We know how to process these cases. Some of these animals could have potentially been evidence in the case pending against Mr. Ziniuk.”

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