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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

55 Dogs Shot Arizona & Left To Rot

So...what I would like to know is how many times this has to happen BEFORE we say WTF is going on??!! Officers not only slaughtered these dogs but, LEFT them dead on the property to rot because "there were feces surrounding the animals" was the feces going to attack? These are the folks that are supposed to uphold and protect so, I am wondering what s happening and why is PETA upset for these dogs but not the the Temecula dogs or the many other animals that have been wronged by "authorities". PETA needs to be more consistent. I hope this case gains more publicity and is investigated leading to the prosecution of the officers involved. Wrong is wrong whether or not you are a member of law enforcement or government. Obviously standards need to be raised. Arizona can be proud to have a prison that humiliates inmates by making them wear pink underwear but their officers are frightened at the sight of some dog poop?? Give me a break, this is asinine I hope the owner of the dogs finds a good lawyer and sues.Dogs Shot Arizona

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