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Thursday, April 23, 2009

America's Family Pet Expo

So let me get this straight....I have been accused nor convicted of ANYTHING!!! My mom has also not been convicted of the frivolous charges brought upon her as well. But am I not allowed to help a friend? Am I expected to disappear from the animal world to which I have become so accustomed to and comfortable in? Am I supposed to roll over because some half-ass agency is at odds with me? I think not! This has only added to my frustration and more people need to get involved. Sooner rather than later!

When my mom and I were asked if we could help out with a friends rescue at the pet expo of course we said yes because I love the expo. There is so much to see, good deals, and I get to see friends that I haven't seen since the last expo. We were having a great day on Friday, we took off work and we had helped adopt out 3 dogs. When of all people who would happen by our booth? Officer Tammi Belmonte of Riverside County Animal Services, one of the officers I tried to file charges against before the horses were taken (and a main person in the taking of our horses) she didn't appear to be there on behalf of Riverside, instead, with the San Bernardino Search & Rescue team so I must say I was a little surprised and disgusted when she and her "goons" came to my friends rescue booth and began taking pictures of the rescues sign as well as the dogs. Im sure she was very disappointed to see the dogs spotless with plenty of water since if she would have gone outside to Riverside County's booth she would have found their dogs to have none! I was completely sickened by this action and then it got even more disgusting. They actually sent someone over to get a card for the rescue I was there with! Can you believe this nonsense? I told the woman as she took the card that I sure hope they didn't begin harassing this rescue because I was there because I have nothing to do with it. I was just helping for the day. I am truly interested to know what the Director, Rob Miller thinks of this situation. I know he was made aware by someone via email that this happened however, when we saw Tammi in court on Tuesday she did not seem phased. I also want to make known right now that Wag Again K9 rescue is a stand-up group and if they start getting visits it is only because Animal Control is a vindictive organization that it's leader has absolutely no control over his officers!!!

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